Bó hoa poopy giấy

How to make a beautiful bouquet of paper poppy flowers for October 20th

In addition to making roses out of tissue paper, you can also make fancy and beautiful poopy flowers as a gift for the day. Vietnamese women 20 – 10.

Poopy flower, also known as poppy flower, according to ancient Chinese conception, this flower symbolizes fidelity and trust of lovers. Therefore, nothing is more meaningful than making a bouquet of brilliant paper poopy flowers to give to someone you love on October 20th.

Here are the simple steps to making beautiful poopy confetti.

Materials for paper poppy flowers

  • Textured paper is white, black and blue
  • A cardboard or plastic sheet
  • Scissors, glue or glue gun
  • Steel wire, flower wrap, decorative ribbon

Paper poopy flowers

How to make paper poppy flowers

Step 1:

Cut white ruffled paper into small square pieces of paper about 7cm long side.

Then you fold the paper in the same way as it folded to cut it into a 5-pointed star.

Once folded, instead of cutting a diagonal to get a star shape, cut an arc to create a 5-petal flower.

Cut flowers 5 petals

Cut the paper to create the flower in the middle.

If not, you can draw the flower on paper and cut it according to the drawing.

Stretch the ruffled paper so that the petals have a natural curvature.

Step 2:

Cut black ruffled paper into strips about 3cm wide.

Cut paper to make the pistil

Cut the cardboard sheet so that the board is 20cm long and 10cm wide.

Roll a few strips of paper around the cardboard vertically and cut it into equal pieces of paper to make the inner stamen.

Cut paper to make stamens

Continue rolling a few strips of black paper around the cardboard horizontally and also cut into equal parts to make the stamens.

Step 3:

Cut tassel

After cutting, estimate the position of about 1/3 of the paper to make stamens (from one side along the length) and cut into a taper.

Attention: This step you have to do very carefully not to break the piece of paper.

Step 4:

Cut pieces of steel wire to make flower branches, then wrap it around the wire with green paper.

Take the stamen paper on the end of the wire. You can add a piece of crumpled paper or a small piece of cotton in the middle to create bulging, round stigma.

Flower roll

Next, you wrap the paper to make stamens around the stamens, turning the edge of the cut paper up. Use the glue to fix it.

Then, you thread the 5-petal flower just cut from the bottom up, through the small hole of the stamens. Stick 2 or 3 staggered 5-petal flowers to create a poppy flower with soft, gentle petals.

Cut small pieces of white ruffled paper wrapped under the petals and then use a few rounds to fix the flower, not to let it move down.

Step 5:

Adjust the petals

Adjust the petals to make the flower look more neat and beautiful.


Do the same to get another poppy flower.

Step 6:

Arrange the flowers together, tie them together into a bunch. In the flower branch, you wrap the ribbon around to decorate the bouquet.

Bouquet of poopy paper flowers

You can use different colored textured paper to create your favorite brightly colored poopy bouquets.

Purple poopy paper flowers

Pink poopy flowers

Poopy bouquets made of paper look soft, beautiful, like real flowers. You can plug it in a jar or bring a bouquet of flowers and surprise the woman you love during the day Vietnamese women 20 – 10.

Good luck!

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