How to look up and read the frame number - VIN number when buying a used car

How to look up and read the frame number – VIN number when buying a used car

Look up the chassis number – the car VIN not only knows the vehicle’s manufacturing information, but also determines the history of vehicle use and sale.

Besides checking car paint, checking motorbike, checking old car interior, odometer … an important check step that is indispensable when buying used car is to check and check VIN of vehicle. Because through the VIN, the buyer can know the vehicle production information, especially the history of use, the history of car sales …

What is the chassis number?

Frame number (also known as VIN – short for Vehicle Identification Number) is a sequence of characters to help identify and identify a car. The frame number is 17 characters, including letters and numbers. Each character represents a specific information about the vehicle such as origin, year of manufacture, engine type … Each vehicle has a different chassis number.

The frame number is a sequence of characters that identifies and identifies a car

Manufacturers vehicle American car chassis numbers started to apply from 1954. By 1981, the frame number became common, all cars made in the United States will have a fixed frame number.

Today, the frame number plays a very important role in “identifying” a car. Thanks to the number of frames that can look up a lot of information related to the vehicle. This helps a lot in checking the car’s origin and usage history when buying used car.

Where is the car chassis number?

For convenience, the frame number is printed by the manufacturer in many places on the car. Among them, there are positions in the most visible VIN numbers such as:

  • Left corner taplo, can be seen through the windshield
VIN number is printed in the left corner of the taplo
  • The information label is on the car door sill
VIN number printed on the sticker on the car door sill
  • VIN numbers are also stamped in many other positions
VIN numbers are also stamped in many other positions

How to read car VIN numbers

VIN numbers for cars have a total of 17 characters including letters and numbers. These 17 characters are divided into 3 main parts, including: the first 3 characters provide information about the place of manufacture, the next 6 characters provide the characteristics of the vehicle, 8 characters describe the vehicle’s identity.

How to read car VIN numbers

How to read the number of specific car chassis as follows:

  • Letter 1: This is the national character of the vehicle. For example: American car is 1 or 4 or 5, Japanese car is J, German car is W, Canada is 9, China is L …
  • Character 2: This is the car manufacturer character. One character can represent many different car manufacturers. For example: Mitsubishi is A, Ranger Rover is A, Honda’s motobike is H, Toyota is T, That is N, Hyundai is M, Nissan is N, Suzuki is S, Lexus is T, Mazda is Y …
  • Character 3: This is the character about the car factory. Because each company will have many different factories.
  • Characters 4 – 8: This is the character sequence for vehicle specifications, specific to the vehicle type (SUVs, sedan, hatchback…), car model, gear, door number (2 doors, 4 doors …), number of seats (4 seats, 5 seats, 7 seats …) … These 6-character cluster go together by the car manufacturer’s regulations.
  • Character 9: This is the character to check whether the VIN is valid or not based on a mathematical formula.
  • Character 10: This is the character for the year of manufacture. For example, 2011 is B, 2012 is C, 2013 is D, 2014 is E… This code goes in alphabetical order, to the end of the table will cycle back to the beginning.
  • Character 11: This is the letter of final assembly and finishing place before the car leaves the factory.
  • Characters 12 to 17: This is a sequence of characters for the serial number of the car, or a series of car series defined by the car manufacturer.

How to look up car frame numbers

Currently, there are many applications, software and websites that allow you to look up car chassis numbers. When you enter the frame number into this application, software or website, you can know all the vehicle information such as:

  • Country of manufacture
  • Vehicle manufacturer
  • Vehicle factory
  • Vehicle specifications: generation code, door number, seat number, model, type of vehicle …
  • Year of manufacture of vehicle
  • Vehicle assembly place
  • Vehicle series number

Some channels for checking VIN numbers of cars are: Frame number lookup application – VIN, webiste …

When entering a car chassis number, the application will display all the information about the car

How does checking VIN help when buying and selling used cars?

Since it is the vehicle’s identification number, the chassis number – VIN is used in most vehicle-related registrations such as car registration certificates, registration books, Car insurance, warranty book – vehicle maintenance … Therefore, when looking up car chassis number, you will know a lot of information about the vehicle, history of vehicle use such as:

  • Vehicle manufacturing information (information can be found from the contents of the vehicle VIN code)
  • Vehicle owner information
  • Information about an old car that has had a serious accident or not
  • Vehicle trading history (with name)
  • Warranty information – car maintenance at the company

This information helps a lot in checking the origin and history of the vehicle, limiting fraud cases. Therefore, looking up VIN is considered an indispensable important step in the process of checking old cars.

When buying a used car, ask the seller for the VIN or you can see the VIN number on the car you’re planning to buy. If the seller doesn’t want you to know the VIN this is a sign that there’s a problem with the vehicle’s origin.

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On the other hand, with increasingly sophisticated tricks, many crooks can copy other chassis numbers to create fake origins and histories for the car. Therefore, when checking used cars, buyers should check every place where the vehicle VIN is printed. See if there is a match, there are signs of modification, change or refresh.

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Frequently asked questions about car frame number lookup

? Where is the car chassis number?

Reply: The number of car chassis is located in many places such as the left corner of the car (seen from the driver’s glass), sticker on the driver’s seat sill, printed in the engine compartment under the hood …

? Where is the frame number of the Ford EcoSport car’s chassis number?

Reply: The number of the Ford EcoSport car’s chassis number printed in many positions, including easily visible under the sub-seats, flipping floor mats felt up will see. There are also many positions such as the left corner of the car, sticker on the driver’s seat door …

? Is there any software to look up car VIN numbers?

Answer: There are many software to look up car VIN numbers such as lookup frame number – VIN, …

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