How to know the car is rewinding the speedometer

How to know the car is rewinding the speedometer

Speedometer is a trick many old cars use to create fake history for cars. But still how to recognize a vehicle with a speedometer.

Currently there are speedometer rewind services car profession. This is enough to see how popular this is. The mechanical watch rewind will help create fake history, making the buyer think that this is a car that is not used much, thereby raising the price higher.

So, according to many experts, when buying a car old car then the number of kilometers on the odometer is only a reference factor, can not believe completely. And there are still a few ways to tell if a vehicle gets speed rewind.

How to know the car is rewinding the speedometer

Check vehicle history

Checking your vehicle history is the simplest way to tell if a car has been rewinded. You can check vehicle history from the multi-information display behind the wheel. From here you can find information about the number of kilometers the vehicle has traveled.

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To check the vehicle’s speedometer rewind you can check the vehicle history on the screen

However, viewing vehicle history is not the most reliable way to check if a car’s odometer is rewinding. The reason is that all information of the vehicle can be corrected, even repaired electronic meter. Therefore, this is for reference only. When checking the screen, if you see strange signs such as an “*”, it is possible that the screen has been tampered with from outside.

Check the maintenance log

Check the log maintenance Also a way to determine the actual car odometer number. Automobiles often have a warranty-maintenance manual. During each maintenance, the technician will record the number of kilometers in the book. When buying a used car, you can ask the seller for a service book to see it. If the buyer refuses it, chances are the vehicle has a problem.

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It is possible to know if the vehicle is rewinded by speedometer by checking the vehicle’s maintenance history

Evaluate the actual vehicle condition

The car with speed rewind is usually used with high frequency, for example, old car running taxi service, Grab … If you suspect that the car is rewinded the speedometer, you can check the actual situation. vehicle health. From there, assess and compare whether the actual condition of the car corresponds to the number of kilometers on the meter.

Check the door area carefully: If you check carefully, the door area will tell you a lot of vehicle usage conditions. Specifically, if you see that the paint on the door steps is much scratched or too new to the car, you should be questioned. In addition, when closing the door, if you feel unsure, the hand on the door is loose, it is also a sign that the car is using a lot.

Evaluation of the accelerator, brake pedal (clutch pedal) and gear lever: When a car uses a lot, the control pins, gear lever and handbrake will show obvious signs of parroting wear. If you see wear in excess of the mileage shown on the vehicle, the buyer should question that the vehicle has had its car odometer adjusted. If the pedal is too new, it may have been replaced.

Through the wear of the accelerator / brake / clutch, it can be known that old cars use more or less

Screws, wires in the engine compartment: When shopping for a used car, check the engine of the vehicle, take a close look at the screws in the engine compartment. If the screw head is greasy, worn and shows signs of a lot of twisting, it means the car is repaired regularly, most likely due to heavy use. This tip is small, but it is also the basis for evaluating whether or not to have a speedometer.

Test drive: This is always the most effective way to test and evaluate the quality of a car when buying a used car. For used vehicles, even with speedometer rewind, vehicle was broken And again… the quality of the car cannot be compared to the family car that uses less. The vehicle’s weaknesses will often become apparent during test driving.

One way of checking old cars that many veterans have been using is to test the car on steep, bumpy roads … and open the air conditioner at maximum capacity. This way will help you easily detect errors in the machine system and chassis. If you only test the car in the street, it will be difficult to detect the error. When testing the vehicle, if the engine is slow, the engine is slow, the engine is noisy and vibrating a lot, gear poor smoothness … maybe the car is “old” or having problems.

In general, when buying a used car, the buyer should do a thorough inspection of the vehicle such as checking the odometer, checking the vehicle engine, checking the vehicle’s interior, checking the vehicle’s paint, checking the frame number, checking vehicle registration … to make sure to choose a good car, avoid cases scam when buying a used car.

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Frequently asked questions about the car odometer

? Is it possible to rewind the electronic meter?

Reply: With increasingly sophisticated tricks, nowadays even electronic odometer watches can be easily edited.

? What are the ways to rewind the odometer?

Reply: There are many car speedometer rewinds. Because most cars today use electronic odometer, so they have to use specialized automotive odometer equipment such as: odometer rewind with software, gun (pipe) rewind the speedometer, speedometer chip …

? How to check the speedometer rewinded?

Reply: To check whether the car speedometer is rewinded or not you can check the vehicle history, check the maintenance book, check the actual status of the vehicle …

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