How to know leaked passwords on the internet

How to know leaked passwords on the internet

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With the recent cases of data leakage of millions of citizens on the internet, the concern of many users with the security of their information and passwords on the network has grown. Although there is no complete solution to check whether your data has been leaked on the internet, Google Chrome offers a tool that lets you know if passwords saved in the browser have been compromised in any way. In that article, see how to use security verification on your PC or smartphone.

How to confirm security in Chrome on PC

Google Chrome has been offering security confirmation for its desktop version for some time. To use it, open your browser and click on three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen and then settings. Once this is done, on the page that opens, select the section Security confirmation in the left column. You will see the confirmation option right above. Click the blue button Confirm now:

In a few seconds, the system will check and the results will appear on the screen. In addition to compromised passwords, it indicates whether updates are available, browser protection and security of extensions. If a password leak is reported, click the button Review:

On the next screen, you will see that passwords have been compromised and just click on Change Password to be redirected to the website where the login was made to change the password. In addition, you can use the three points to view the password or remove it from storage:

Chrome also reports passwords that it considers weak. These passwords have not been compromised, but the browser believes that they can be easily cracked by hackers who will then have access to your account. It is also advisable to change these passwords.

How to check password compromise in Chrome on Android

Recently, Google Chrome for Android has also gained this security verification functionality. To do this, first of all, make sure that your app is up to date to be able to view this option. With the update complete on Google Play, open Chrome and tap three points top right and then settings:

On the next screen, you will see the option Security confirmation (which should appear with an indication of New Beside). Now click on the button Confirm now for the browser to evaluate the information. If compromised passwords are identified, tap on the option and then on Change Password to maintain account protection:

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