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How to install Youtube Vanced on AndroidTV, SmartTV, watch Youtube on TV without ads


Users cannot install Youtube Vanced directly on AndroidTV, SmartTV in the usual way but need to use support tools, in this article Taimienphi will guide in detail the steps to install Youtube Vanced to help you watch Youtube. advertising on AndroidTV, SmartTV.

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Application Youtube Vanced is a “mod” that possesses many more convenient features than from the original Youtube application such as removing ads, listening to music when turning off the screen, … customizing on / off video viewing functions as desired. and many other useful features.

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Instructions to download Vanced Youtube to watch videos without ads

In this article, invite you and Taimienphi to learn how Youtube Vanced settings on AndroidTV, SmartTV and learn more

Benefits of using Youtube Vanced:
– Remove 100% ads when watching videos on Youtube
– Support running in the background, playing video off screen
– Removed video resolution limit
– Dark background, dark mode support for old Android versions.
– Turn on / off tag suggestion when watching video
– Remove watermark, watermark of channel in video
– Unlock all Casting features

Note when using Youtube Vanced:
Youtube Vanced is a MOD version from the 3rd party, so there are many security problems.
– Using Youtube Vanced to block ads will affect the income of YouTube content creators.
– Taimienphi does not encourage users to use Youtube Vanced.

Instructions to install Youtube Vanced on AndroidTV, SmartTV

1. Prepare
* Download the Vanced Youtube application

=> Link to download YouTube Vanced for Android

* Download app Split APKs Installer (FALSE)

=> Link download Split APKs Installer for Android

* Download the MicroG app

=> Link download MicroG for Android

2. Proceed to install

Because the file format of Youtube Vanced is .APKs Required users to use support tools are Split APKs Installer (FALSE) to read.

Step 1: Proceed to install the application Split APKs Installer on the device.
Step 2: Open the app Split APKs Installer, then press the button Install APKs.
Step 3: Find the path to the folder containing the Youtube Vanced file in .APKs format that just downloaded and installed.
The system will automatically perform the installation in a moment. Once completed, you open the Vanced Youtube app with the same interface as Youtube but contains no ads.

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In addition, log into your Youtube account on Youtube Vanced, users also need to put more applications MicroG. Installation file MicroG has a format .APK and was shared by Taimienphi at the beginning of the article, so you can use it immediately without supporting tools. After logging in to your account, you can download Youtube videos offline on your device.

Through the article’s content, Taimienphi shared basic steps to install Youtube Vanced on AndroidTV and SmartTV. Hopefully this tip will be useful, help you comfortably watch Youtube without being bothered by advertising. Also you can refer to how watch Youtube without advertising right on Android the phone version is also very convenient.

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