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How to install VntimeH font and VNTime font on computer, laptop like?


Installing .VNTimeH and Font VnTime on your computer will help you type Vietnamese on some of today’s video and graphic software like ProShow Gold or Proshow Producer … so how to download and install .VNTime fonts will have the answer below

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Computer font installation is generally the installation of font sets for the computer to serve the correct display of content on computers and websites. Installing Vietnamese fonts, Vietnamese fonts for Windows 10, 8.1 or 7 computers requires you to know how to install fonts and fonts.

There are many famous font sets that readers may have heard of such as VNI font, VnTime or Calligraphy font. All these fonts are available in a collection of fonts called Full fonts. Download the Font Full set introduced by ElectrodealPro.

However, in the framework of this article, ElectrodealPro will only introduce to you how to install .VnTimeH and .VnTime fonts as many readers require.

Install .VNtimeH font and .VNtime font on computer

First of all, you need to download the full set of .vntimeH, .vntime fonts here: Font .vntimeH

Method 1: Install the full set of .vntime fonts on your computer

Step 1: After downloading the font set as a .zip or .rar file, choose Extract File or Extract to “Name”.

Install vntimeh font and vntime font on your laptop computer

Once unzipped, a folder containing all the fonts will appear.

Step 2: Right-click and select any font, click Preview -> to preview the standard font you want to install. The font will have a .TTF extension.

how to install vntimeh and vntime fonts on your laptop computer

Step 3: In the window, you choose Install to install the font.

guide vntimeh font and vntime font on laptop computer

Method 2: Only install .vntimeH font

Install .vntimeH font will go through the steps below:

Step 1: Access to your windows drive, Usually the drive C:

Step 2: Navigate to the Windows directory

Step 3: Find the Font folder (this is where the computer’s Font system is saved). The directory path takes the form: C: Windows Fonts

Install vntimeh font and vntime font on laptop pc

Step 4: Copy the .vntimeH Font (named VHTIME.TTF or VHTIME) and the vntime font (named VNTIME.TTF or VNTIME) that you have downloaded above into this Font folder. So you have installed the font .vntimeH and vntime on your computer.

how to install vntimeh and vntime fonts on your laptop computer

– Note: you may encounter a computer displaying a message that the Font you want to install already exists. At this point, you press Yes to burn the lights on the old Font. Or you can also press No to ignore the Fonts you don’t want to copy.

Click on the option Do this for all current items to overwrite or skip for all the fonts you want to install.

Huong dan install vntimeh font and vntime font on laptop pc

Thus, ElectrodealPro answered many questions of readers about how to install .vntimeH and .vntimes fonts. Readers, please follow the instructions of ElectrodealPro exactly to be able to install these fonts on your computer.

Font vntime is quite popular font when composing text, besides, users also have many beautiful fonts such as calligraphy font, UTM font or UVF, in which calligraphy font is often used as greetings for you. UTM font is often used in making image banners.

In addition to installing the full .vntime or .vntimeH font, you need to download Unikey or Vietkey to be able to type Vietnamese on your computer. The Vietnamese typing process generates many words that you can type off to save time. The list of Unikey keyboard shortcuts will give you basic practice to type faster, while improving productivity.

In case you want to use Time New Roman font in word, excel, you can refer to how convert VnTime to Time New Roman Here to be able to use this popular font.
Good luck!



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