How to install Plex media server on Ubuntu 19.04
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How to install Plex media server on Ubuntu 19.04

Are you looking for the simplest and easiest method to install Plex media server on Ubuntu 19.04? This is the snap command that will set up the Plex server for you.

Plex server is a free and cross-platform software. This means it’s available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, NAS and MacOS along with a wide range of client applications for streaming videos from the Plex media server. Not only videos, but users can also stream music files locally as well as remotely, along with TV shows and photos on PC, Chromecast, Android or iOS smartphone, tablet, ROKU, etc. ..

We’ll use the Snap package manager for the Plex server installed here. The benefit of using Snap is to make things simple. There is no need to download and install each file separately.

Install Plex media server on Ubuntu 19.04 via Snap

Although this article did on Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo, it will work the same on other older versions like Ubuntu 18.10 / 18.04 / 17.04 / 16.04 / 14.04, or Elementary OS or Linux Mint. You can use the commands provided here to install the Plex media server on Elemenarty OS.

Install Snap on Ubuntu

If you are using Ubuntu 19.04, the snap will appear as a pre-installed application. However, for older Ubuntu systems, to install SNAP, users can use the command:

sudo apt-get install snapd

Snapd is an essential daemon to run snaps. It also includes the snap command we need here to install the Plex media server.

Install Plex media server using Snap

You don’t need to go through lengthy manual steps and lots of settings to set up the Plex media server if you use SNAP. Plex server was installed in a limited environment without any kind of interaction with any other web server like apache running on the same system. The Snap application packages are self-contained, and do not rely on traditional package managers such as APT or YUM.

sudo snap install plexmediaserver

Subsidiary information: In case you want to restart / start / stop the Plex server in the future, use the Snap service commands:

sudo snap restart plexmediaserver
sudo snap stop plexmediaserver
sudo snap restart plexmediaserver

To find out which services run under snap, enter the following command:

sudo snap services

Access the Plex media server for the first time

When you run the above Plex media server installation command using snap on Ubuntu 19.04, you will automatically get all packages on their respective locations. The only thing you have to do is open a browser and enter the machine’s IP address along with the port number 32400.


Replace server-ip-address with your local IP address or computer’s IP address.

If your Plex is on a local computer then use localhost along with:


Set up Plex media server on Ubuntu 19.04

Step 1: The first screen will appear asking you to log into your Plex account with Google, Facebook or Email ID. If you do not have a Plex server account, you can use this link to register:

Sign up for Plex

Step 2: After logging in, Plex will revert back to your local server IP address. At this step just click the button Got it.

Click Got it

Step 3: Plex server on Ubuntu 19.04 will identify your locally installed server and ask if you want to assign a custom name to it. Give it a friendly name and click the button NEXT.

Click Next

Step 4: Time to add some media files to Plex. Click the button Add library.

Note: You can also add media files to Plex later from Dashboard.

Select Add Library

Step 5: Select the media file types you want to add to your media server. The example will add some music files.

Select the media file type

Step 6: Click the button Browse For Media Folder.

Click the Browse For Media Folder button

Step 7: Select the folder containing your media files. For example. Music files are located in / media folder, so we will select this folder.

You can repeat the same step to add another media file folder, then press Finish.

Step 8: After adding the library and completing the setup, you will find the new Plex server Dashboard with all the media files in it.

New dashboard with files

Note: If while playing any track you get some error like “Error code: s9009 (Manifest)“. It’s a codec issue and after installing vlc the error should be fixed.

sudo apt install vlc

In the future, if you want to update the installed Plex media server using the SNAP package manager use the command below:

sudo snap refresh plexmediaserver

In this way, just by using a SNAP command, you install the Plex media server on not only Ubuntu 19.04 but other Linux operating systems like Centos, Debian, openSUSE, etc … This method is easy to use but how to transfer System allows more control per file, from Apache server to other supported services. But for newbies, snap installation is recommended.

Hope you are succesful.


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