How to install Norton AntiVirus removes all threats on the computer

How to install Norton AntiVirus removes all threats on the computer

Norton AntiVirus software is always highly appreciated by security experts for its ability to quickly search and remove most of the most dangerous viruses and malware on the market today, today Taimienphi will guide you. details how to install Norton AntiVirus.

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Can say, antivirus software Norton AntiVirus is one of the tools to help you protect data as well as the entire computer system by detecting and removing Viruses, Trojans, Spyware and Rootkits with the fastest and most effective speed available today. Thanks to this utility, your computer will improve maximum working speed and speed up Internet access.


Instructions on how to install Norton AntiVirus

How is Norton AntiVirus useful on the computer?

– Helps computer to protect comprehensively, prevent the computer from being exposed to malware.
– Detect and remove hazards attached to emails from unwanted addresses.
– Protect your computer while surfing the Web and social networks.
– Build a solid firewall.

System requirements

– Install Norton AntiVirus on all computers using Windows operating systems with versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista / Windows 7/8/10 (32 bit and 64 bit).
– Install Norton AntiVirus on computers using RAM> 256MB.

Installation instructions Norton AntiVirus

Before performing the installation steps, you need to download the latest version of Norton AntiVirus anti-virus software to your computer first. If you do not know where to find and download Norton AntiVirus, you can refer to the link provided below.
– Download Norton AntiVirus: Download Norton Antivirus

Step 1: Once you have the installation of the software on your computer, right-click on the installer and select Open.


Step 2: The system will ask you to confirm running the installation file. Press Tremor.


Step 3: In the new settings screen, press the button Install to start the installation process.

Be sure to check the box I want to join Notron Community Watch … to agree to the publisher’s agreements.


The installation process will take a few minutes, depending on your computer configuration, please wait patiently.


Step 4: After the Norton AntiVirus installation finishes, the program will ask you login account.
In case you don’t have a Norton AntiVirus account, click the card Create an Account and enter personal information. Finally press Create an Account.


Step 5: The system continues to ask users enter the license key to use. However, in this example, Taimienphi will only want to experience the software test, so we will click the X in the right corner of the screen to turn off the Enter Your Product Key window go.


Open Norton AntiVirus On the computer, the software’s interface will look like the following illustration with 3 main groups of messages.
Security: Group of functions to protect, scan and clean the computer viruses.


Internet Security: Functional group specializing in protecting users on the Internet, surfing the web safely.


Performance: Group of tools to optimize, speed up the operation of the device


More Notron: Norton’s other user support tools

Installing Norton AntiVirus is not too difficult as you imagine, after only a few steps, you have successfully installed. The above article is intended for those who are new to computers and do not have much experience in installing software, especially anti-virus software.


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