How to install LightShot, a software for taking pictures for your computer

How to install LightShot, a software for taking pictures for your computer

Installing LightShot, a software for taking pictures for your computer, will help users take a screenshot of their computer quickly and simply. Let’s learn how to install ElectrodealPro LightShot through the article below.

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There are many ways that can help us capture the computer screen such as using the PrintScreen button on the keyboard or Windows with built-in screen capture software, Snipping Tool, but these 2 ways of taking screenshots are quite inconvenient. . LightShot will be the best solution for taking computer screenshots because of the quick, convenient and editing features that LightShot offers. Surely you will have a pleasant experience when using it LightShot.

the lightshot method

Install LightShot, setup LightShot, software for taking pictures for the computer

Some key features of LightShot

– Take a picture of the computer screen
– Direct photo editing
– Online photo editing
– Share photos taken on social networks
– Easy to use
– Search for similar photos on Google


LightShot general specifications

Required Operating System: Windows, Mac
– Capacity: 2.60MB
– Hard disk: 20mb of free hard drive space or more
– Compatible with all CPUs
Copyright: Free
– Language: English, Vietnam, Thai, ……..

You can download the LightShot software to your computer via the following link: Download LightShot

Step 1: You download LightShot from the link above

Step 2: Launch the downloaded LightShot installation file

lightshot settings

Instructions to install the LightShot software on a computer

Step 3: In the installation dialog box that appears, you can choose the language as Vietnam for easy installation and use. Then click OK

the lightshot memo

Step 4: Choose I accept this agreement and click Go on To confirm

lightshot for windows

Step 5: The installation process takes place, you wait a few minutes for the system to complete install LightShot.

lightshot for the computer

Install LightShot computer screen capture software

Step 6: You click on Completed to finish the installation

lightshot settings on computer

Some pictures of the software

download lightshot

lightshot ears

lightshot for windows

Above are instructions wayinstall LightShot, imaging software for computers. Hopefully through this article you can easily install LightShot as screen capture software for your computer, promptly save meaningful moments with your best friends to share with your friends. relatives. To use LightShot effectively, you can refer to the tutorial using LighShot here
In addition to LightShot, FastStone Capture is also one of the software that supports high-quality, light-weight computer screen capture and video support, for reference. Install FastStone Capture Here to use this useful software.


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