How to install LibreOffice on a computer

How to install LibreOffice on a computer

Installing LibreOffice gives you tools to edit documents, create spreadsheets and slideshows instead of Microsoft’s Office suite. LibreOffice is always updated with the latest functions to meet the needs of users, if you have not experienced it, please follow the installation of LibreOffice below.

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LibreOffice, like Microsoft Office, is professional office software. However, the size of LibreOffice is only 200MB compared to 700MB of Microsoft Office 2016. Especially, this office suite is completely free, can be downloaded and installed freely.

install libreoffice on pc

Using LibreOffice, you don’t have to worry about the language, and yes install Vietnamese Office 2016 as on this new version of Microsoft Office. Because this office toolkit has built-in languages, suitable for all users.

Instructions to install LibreOffice on your computer

Step 1: Download this software on ElectrodealPro

– Download LibreOffice: LibreOffice

Step 2: Double click the left mouse button to install the file. Or right click and select Install.

cai libreoffice win 8

Step 3: Choose next.

install libreoffice on Windows 10

Step 4: Choose Typical and next.

install libreoffice on pc

Step 5: Check the box as shown so that LibreOffice will display on the Desktop screen. Choose Install to run the installation file.

install libreoffice on pc

Step 6: The installation is finished. Choose finish.

install libreoffice on the laptop

Step 7: Open LibreOffice. To open the file, please press Sidebar (Space button).

install libreoffice on pc

Above is the guide to download and install the software LibreOffice, professional office toolkit. Tech buffs who are lazy in typing can also take advantage of it voice text editor on Google Docs to save time working, and not have to sit for hours typing on the computer. Wish you successfully install LibreOffice!


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