How to install fonts for Win 10

In the process of using Win 10, you will need many different types of fonts for different needs such as work, entertainment, personal preferences … so we will guide you on how to install the font. text for Windows 10.

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Sometimes you open a new text file, but cannot read it because the character is encoded. One of the reasons is that the Windows 10 computer that you use does not have a font that matches that text, to solve this problem, you need to find and install the missing font for your computer.

How to install Fonts for Win 10?

How to install fonts for Windows 10

To install fonts for Win 10, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: First you need to download the font you want to your computer, you can consult and download it here: Font Full
Step 2: Install the font you want. There are 2 ways to install fonts, as follows.

Method 1: You right click on the font you want to install and select Install.

How to install standard fonts for Windows 10

Method 2: If you want to install multiple fonts, you just need to copy all fonts just downloaded into the folder C: Windows Fonts. Then Win 10 will automatically install the new font for you.

How to install standard fonts for Windows 10 2

So with the above method, you have finished installing the font for Win 10 for your computer. Now you can use fonts like Vntime, artistic fonts for text and text editors as needed.

How to remove installed fonts?

If you want to remove the installed font, open it Start Menu, type “font”, select Font preview and related settings, The Setting Interface (setting) Font will appear. Here you find the font you want to remove, select Uninstall to remove the font from your computer system.

In the example below I want to remove the font VnArabia

How to install standard fonts for Windows 10 3
Above is the tutorial article How to install fonts for Win 10. Also you can visit ElectrodealPro to find more fonts that you want, like the way install VnTime font …. Hope the above tutorial will help you.


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