How to install Autorun Eater to prevent Viruses spreading from USB

How to install Autorun Eater to prevent Viruses spreading from USB

Autorun Eater is a software that helps you detect and remove autorun viruses that are spread on your computer via USB devices. By the way, would like to post to guide you to install Autorun Eater to use it effectively.

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Autorun Eater is an application capable of detecting and destroying all Autorun Viruses infecting the computer through USB-connected devices such as USB, removable hard drive, Flash memory card … Use this utility help protect information and data on the computer safely and at the same time, restore system performance.

What are the benefits of installing Autorun Eater?
– Detect and destroy AutoRun Virus spreading through USB-connected devices.
Safe data protection.
– Scan and remove Viruses quickly.
System requirements
– Install Autorun Eater compatible with computers using Windows operating systems, including old versions.
Installation Instructions
Step 1: Open the folder containing the setup file of Autorun Eater which is saved as a name autorun-eater.exe.
Download the latest version of the software to experience the latest software features: Download Autorun Eater
install autorun
Step 2: Choose next to continue to install Autorun Eater or Cancel if you don’t want to install.
huong dan cai autorun eater
Step 3: Choose “I accept the agreement“to agree to the terms set out by the manufacturer.
Click next.
Install autorun eater
Step 4: Select the folder containing the file to install Autorun Eater on the computer system by clicking Browser or use the default factory directory, usually the drive C:
Click Next.
Install autorun eater on your pc
Step 5: Select the folder containing the Autorun Eater shortcut that appears in Start Menu.
If you agree to choose the default name of the software as the folder name -> click next or if you want to change the name choose Browers
How to install autorun eater
Step 6: The dialog box displays 2 options, you can choose 1 of 2 options or select all of these 2 options to create desktop icon by selecting “Create a desktop icon“Or turn on the program for immediate use” create a Quick Launch icon“.
Choose next
Install autorun eater on windows
Step 7: Start installing Autorun Eater select Install.
phuong phap cai autorun eater
Step 8: Autorun Eater installation is finished, select finish to close the program.
the autorun eater settings
The utility does not have a specific interface but only appears an icon on the Start Menu bar, right click on this icon to use the available features.
It’s easy to install Autorun Eater software on the computer, right? You just need to follow the instructions above. Using Autorun Eater you can effectively stop the Viruses spreading from the USB device to the computer.


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