How to install and use TalkTV on Android phones

How to install and use TalkTV on Android phones

Installing and using TalkTV on phones is a topic that many users are interested in, especially young people who often entertain by watching live streams on their phones, if you have the same interests, please immediately refer to. Post is shared below.

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Application TalkTV (or 360Live) is one livestream application famously used by many people. Just install and use TalkTV, users can watch attractive entertainment programs or approach, chat with gamers, Streamer, Idol, … famous that I love.

how to install and use talktv on your Android phone

Instructions for installing and downloading TalkTV on your phone

From many reasons, the application TalkTV or 360LIVE ceased operations in December 2019. Now users can no longer download and install TalkTV on their phones. However, if you love watching live streams, users can still use other applications such as Bigo Live, Facebook, Snapchat, … Most of these applications have the full version that works on. both Android and iOS.

The TalkTV alternative applications

Download and install Bigo Live app on your phone:

=> Link download Bigo Live for Android

=> Link to download Bigo Live for iPhone

Download and install the latest Facebook app:

=> Link to download Facebook for Android

=> Link to download Facebook for iOS

=> Link download Facebook Lite for Android

=> Link download Facebook Lite for iOS

Download and install Snapchat app for Android and iOS:

=> Link download Snapchat for Android

=> Link to download Snapchat for iPhone

Although it is not possible to guide readers how to download and use TalkTV on the phone because the publisher has stopped providing the service, with alternative live streaming applications, users still have many options for entertainment and relaxation later. tired working time, studying


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