How to insert a tattoo into a photo simply with Photoshop

How to insert a tattoo into a photo simply with Photoshop

For those of you who love Tattoo but don’t want to get a tattoo or don’t want to spend a lot of money to find tattoo parlors, we have a less expensive and painless method, which is photo collage.


And today, we will learn how to stitch a tattoo into a photo using Photoshop made by Adobe, short video but quite easy to understand and intuitive.

Implementation steps.

Prepare the necessary files before implementation, you will need two images: Photo of the person to be tattooed and a tattoo image (this image you can search on google with the keyword “Tattoo Png”.


1. Open the image to be edited.

2. Select File – Place Select the tattoo file.

3. Move, resize the tattoo to the appropriate position.

Create mixed tattoo

1. In the Layers panel, select the tattoo layer. Put Blend Mode Fort Multiply and decrease Opacity its down to 80%.

2. Click the icon Add layer mask, select tool Brush and fill it with black to cover up unwanted areas of the tattoo.

3. Create realistic lighting effects for tattoos: Still selecting the layer Mask just created, reduce Opacity and the color of the Brush, then paint over the part of the image you want to highlight.

Tip: In this example, the Brush is black and the opacity is 10% to paint over the white area of ​​the Mask.

4. In the Layers panel, click the Link icon to unlink the tattoo from its Mask, and then click the tattoo thumbnail to select it. This allows you to edit the graphic independently of the Mask.

5. Select Edit – Transform – Warp. Drag and align accordingly. Press Return (or Enter) when you’re done.

6. Select Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur. Adjust the Radius to create a subtle effect that unifies the tattoo with the model’s skin.

7. Select File – Save As to save your image.

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