How to increase the audience of your Stories
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How to increase the audience of your Stories

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Instagram Stories are one of the most popular features among social media fans at the moment. Originally created to compete with the success of Snapchat, which uses the same dynamic, Stories today are darling of the public and influencers. The publications that disappear in 24 hours receive great prominence in the platform, being above the feed and it is possible to spend a lot of time going through the posts of your friends.

  • Instagram Stories Survey

  • When to publish your Stories?

  • What kind of Stories to publish?

  • Story Sequence

With the plethora of Stories posted every day, it can sometimes be difficult to make your publications stand out. Specialized in influence marketing, the Brazilian company Squid performs extensive monitoring of Stories to understand more about the audience and audience engagement on the platform.

Instagram Stories Survey

The latest research on the topic brings interesting data on the use of Stories by the public. Although focused on influencers and companies interested in having the services of these users, Squid’s findings also apply to ordinary people who want to see their publications becoming even more successful.

The company’s survey evaluated more than 400 thousand Stories published by 4 thousand Instagram users between October 2019 and June 2020. In total, the content is equivalent to 1,700 hours of material or 70 uninterrupted days of publication. See below the main research data.

When to publish your Stories?

Squid research has shown that Stories publications are almost equally distributed on weekdays, with a slight predominance of posts on Fridays, when 16% (or one in six) of creations occur. However, publication volume is not the same as audience success.

The results showed that the moment of greatest visualization of Stories happens to the Tuesdays, between 9 pm and 12 am. This period is classified by the company as the Golden Hour (Golden Hour) of Stories.

What kind of Stories to publish?

The data also reveals a strong public preference for video content. Of the 400 thousand publications evaluated, 54% were videos. However, 72% of audience engagement, that is, comments, reactions and participation in polls, for example, occur in this type of Stories.

Story Sequence

Another finding of Squid’s research is the sequence of publications in Stories. As the posts are organized in chronological order, it is possible to skip or abandon a sequence of publications with a simple touch or slide on the screen. According to the survey, from the fourth post in turn, the audience and interaction drops about 30%.

Photo: © Callie Morgan – Unsplash.

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