How to increase laptop volume in Windows 10

How to increase laptop volume in Windows 10

If you think your laptop’s default audio quality might be better, you’re 100% right. Many of us are satisfied with the system volume up, but the results are still not really satisfactory.

The following simple methods will help you solve the low volume issue in Windows laptops forever. Use these fixes to increase the volume of your laptop in Windows 10.

1. Use the Preamp values ​​in EqualizerAPO

As a first step, you may want to check the properties of the speakers or headphones for balance. This can be achieved in “Properties” of audio devices from the tab “Enhancements”.

Use the Preamp values ​​in EqualizerAPO
Use the Preamp values ​​in EqualizerAPO

Next, download a free utility called EqualizerAPO to adjust the audio values ​​manually. After a simple installation, go to the directory where the program is stored and open the file “Config” with Notepad.

Here, you can edit the pure Preamp value from the default value (usually negative value) to ten or 20dB. This means you can set the filters with positive increments. Save changes and close the file. Remember, too much pre-amp will cause distortion, so 20dB is enough to help increase the loudest level you’re looking for.

Move in “Speaker Properties ” and tab “Advanced”. Here, you can change the default format to the maximum value for studio quality surround sound.

2. Use Fx Sound Enhancer

In most laptops, you will get very loud sound after following the steps in method 1. However, some cheap speakers and headphones still have much to improve. Download an external application called FxSound Enhancer (download link:, Help improve sound quality by fixing device limits. Make sure the transmitter is set to the default speaker or headphone.

As a first step, you can go to the preset section. Besides, you can also increase the frequency range for bass, fidelity, surroundings and 3D surround sound.

Play a sample song or video. Sound quality requires very small frequency adjustment for the optimal experience. The increase in volume control helps you strictly control the overall volume. The software is available as a 7-day free trial, then a lifetime purchase for $ 39.99 (VND 920,000).

3. Using a smartphone as a microphone for laptops

If you have recently had a smartphone, it’s likely that its microphone quality is a lot better than a computer. You can use the phone’s microphone in the laptop. For this, you need to download and install a software called WO Mic. Install the WO Mic client, this application will receive audio data and transfer it to a virtual mic device.

Use smartphone as a microphone for laptop
Use smartphone as a microphone for laptop

You also need to install the WO Mic driver correctly on Windows laptops.

Download the WO Mic client on Google Play or the App Store. You can connect using WiFi, Bluetooth, WiFi Direct or USB.

If using WiFi to connect, record the relevant IP address that will be used to connect to the WO Mic client on the laptop.

Open the WO Mic client on the laptop and edit the server’s IP address to be the phone IP. Now the server can start working on the phone. Click here OK, got it to continue.

Once the connection has been established, play the WO Mic client in speaker mode. You can now use your smartphone as a microphone on your laptop.

Sometimes you may not hear your favorite movie or song the same way as before. The above methods will help increase laptop volume and improve the device’s default sound quality.


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