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How to improve the sound quality of in-ear headphones? How to preserve in-ear headphones for good?

One of the problems that I think a lot of headache is always feel a little missing something in my beloved headphones. Therefore, after picking up for yourself whether it is a cheap or expensive in-ear, he always finds a way to maximize his sound quality in many different ways. Today I will discuss with you about this issue.

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1. DAC / Amp or music player (DAP)

Most people who listen to inear headphones often ask me questions, do I use headphones like this, do I need a DAC / Amp or a dedicated music player? This is a really difficult question to answer because it depends on ae's needs.

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First, if you often listen to music on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet, then this DAC / Amp will be the solution to help you improve your audio experience.

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Secondly, if you don't like the frills and want a dedicated device, it is clear that a music player is something you don't need to think about. Today some high-end music players also use Android so they can also be used with music streaming services like Tidal, Spotify …

In fact, with my personal opinion, I recommend that you put money for the headset better than divide it into many miscellaneous things. Personally, I feel that when I own headphones from 5tr or more, I should consider buying more DAC / Amp or dedicated music player. If not, just 100% to buy headphones will produce significantly better sound quality

2. Is the conductor needed?
There are many people who buy headphones to hear that they have not thought about changing the wires. There are also a lot of money a few times more expensive than the ear. In fact, this is the hobby of every individual and he can play as much as he wants. However, I share based on my experience as follows:

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The stock cord, especially with high-end in-ear headphones, is more or less optimized by the automaker to produce sound quality when it comes to users. Therefore, please hurry to change the cord and use it for a while before deciding to buy the upgrade cord because you can buy it for sure or with the stock cord.

Another problem is that you should only change the cord for removable headsets, with the headphones die by the welding company, so replace it when the stock cord is damaged by hoisting out the housing to make sure the wire is more or less affect the quality of headphones.

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Should we spend too much money on a rope? Of course it shouldn't be because what determines the sound quality is 2 ears rather than wires. Therefore, it is not advisable to spend too much money on wires to hope to improve sound quality. The conductor only contributes a part to make your headphones more perfect. If you feel dissatisfied with that particular sound color, it is better to change it to another headset or buy another one to change the wind.

Different types of wires with different materials will have different sounds? Our "folk" or ear-ear experience is to replace the warm, homogeneous strings, and the bright silver strings are also quite interesting. Because the pure silver wire is used as an Interconnet or headphone wire (Norne Silvergarde and Oyaide FTS-910 cord), there is an increased sense of transient, clarity without lightening the sound. And the pure copper wire also has many different soundstyles so you should listen to the headphones first.

3. Is Eartips really important?

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Eartips are very important with an in-ear. First good eartips will help bring a feeling of comfort to help us comfortably use for a long time. Secondly, good fit will give the sound exactly what the manufacturer wants.

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There are many types of eartips on the market with many different materials as well as designs and this has more or less affected the sound quality. Therefore, it is best to try first to choose for yourself a pleasant tips. Of course, do not expect anything about eartips that can bring big changes or put your in-ear to new heights.

4. Some other accessories:
The demand for using in-ear headphones is increasing, which is followed by the introduction of many accessories. There are quite a number of accessories on the market today that are introduced with the ability to tune sound like anti-vibration stickers for inear wire or wires, jack to increase the impedance of the headphones. I personally have not tried these accessories, so I do not know much.

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The day before I had taken over Iematch, I found the use of this product is also quite interesting for those of you who have high power amplifier, the amp for fullsize headphones but want to plug inear sensitive headphones, low impedance then here is a necessary product.

Recently, the trend of phones has simplified the 3.5mm jacks that lead to sound manufacturers, which are constantly introducing Bluetooth Receivers for inear headphones. I personally think this product is also of great importance to sound quality especially for mid-range users and above.

5. How to use headphones:

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Guidance on hygiene and maintenance of headphones is easy and effective

Preserving headphones is also very important. Good hygiene for headphones will also help protect the quality of your own ears. You should enjoy cleaning the eartip as well as cleaning the inside of the ear canal to ensure hygiene as well as avoiding long-term conditions leading to channel deviation. Many headsets inside also give you hygiene items so it's best to check the headphones regularly.

Next is how to wrap the rope, many of you also throw away the inear wire or insert it into the bag without twisting it, which is very easy to cause the inner wire to break in to reduce the life of inear. You should also wrap the rope by wrapping your headset wire around 3.4 fingers and then storing it carefully in the box.

6. Summary:
Through what has just been shared, it is not easy to try to upgrade the sound quality of a headset. To be able to get the best experience, users should upgrade from the smallest things like upgrading high quality music, replacing eartips so that they fit, wear headphones properly … Just things Such small can also help you to enjoy the sound of inear you are using


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