How to improve network latency during the game
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How to improve network latency during the game

Latency, in the simplest terms, is the delay between sending and receiving messages. Some latency is inevitable. While it is never possible to completely eliminate latency, you can improve network latency using the methods mentioned below.

The latency is caused by the hardware used to transmit data, the software used to direct and target those packets. Network problems such as data loss, hardware overload, or insufficient bandwidth will also increase latency. Here’s how to improve network latency when gaming.

1. Use Ethernet

Should use Ethernet
Should use Ethernet

Like cable Internet faster than satellite Internet, Ethernet is faster than WiFi. The current optimal standard is Cat-6e. For low latency, the first option must always be a cable connection, even when difficult or inconvenient. If you really can’t use a wired connection, get closer to the router. Remove or avoid any obstacles between the computer and the router’s antenna. The location of the external WiFi antenna should be perpendicular to the best signal transmission.

  • This is why you should plug in the network cable when playing games instead of using wifi

2. Avoid conflict

Objects between the computer and the router can significantly reduce the signal, which is why it’s necessary to eliminate them. But invisible electronic noise can also have an impact, especially on the crowded 2.4GHz band. Provided you have a good location, you should use the less common 5GHz band. You will also want to choose the most blank WiFi channel you can find in the router’s configuration settings. This will vary according to the settings of the nearby router.

3. Limit network traffic

Limit network traffic
Limit network traffic

The more devices that communicate simultaneously, the harder it is to send your message exactly. Reduce communication with other devices as much as possible. Although you can remove devices from your network, most routers offer Quality of Services (QoS) tools that you can apply to limit device-based overlap communications. and applications. For example, you can set the QoS rule to always provide the maximum speed for gaming computers and reduce the speed allocated to other devices if needed.

  • Set priority bandwidth for games and applications on Linksys router

4. Suitable bandwidth and hardware

A low latency network requires high quality hardware. Most consumer routers don’t bring the biggest latency, but expensive models will work better. If you want the lowest home network latency, you’ll need to use a switch and a commercial router. Make sure you have the hardware that provides the latest connectivity standards supported by your device.

Routers and Internet connections also need to provide the right bandwidth for your use case. Also, pay for the highest speed you can afford. When packets do not need to wait for available bandwidth, the latency is greatly reduced.

5. Remove proxy and VPN

Remove proxy and VPN
Remove proxy and VPN

The longest step in any communication process is the time it takes for a signal to travel between nodes over a cable. The more nodes you send a message to, the longer it will take to propagate. This is true even if the nodes are in the same room. Despite the lower latency, the time needed to transfer (bounce) messages from one node to another cannot be reduced. To eliminate this latency, you need to remove the middle nodes. Also delete any proxies or VPNs in the communication thread.

The above tips will help you improve network latency and gaming experience.

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