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How to handle when losing a passport abroad

One of the most annoying problems of traveling abroad is the loss of a passport – the type of important identification number 1. To prevent an unfortunate situation, refer to the article below to understand the facts. processing steps, note when encountered.

Step 1: Report passport loss to the police
– When losing a passport abroad, the first thing you need to quickly report to the local police to get a passport certificate. This is an important document necessary for the next steps.
– With this type of paper, you can get the help of organizations about accommodation services, internet, contact relatives, … when there is no financial ability.

Step 2: Contact the Vietnamese Diplomatic Representative in your country of losing your passport
– Download and complete the information according to Passport form, with 2 4×6 photos.
– Send the application form with the photo of the passport confirmation you have submitted (step 1) to the Consular Department's email ( and Vietnam Diplomatic Representative.

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– Present at the Representative Office
– After sending mail, information about old passport will be canceled in most countries in the world. Your old passport will not be restored to value, you can not use it again if you find that passport, so you can rest assured that your information will not be used by crooks for those items. bad destination.

Step 3: Redo lost passport
– During the time of losing your passport, Vietnam Diplomatic Representative will re-issue your passport or passport. What you need to do is prove your Vietnamese nationality, such as identity card, proof of entry into the country of lawful domination (such as airfare, immigration declaration).

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– The verification time will not exceed 5 working days, you will be re-issued if you continue to travel to another country, issue a passport if returning home.
– When you go on tour, group, the group will be faster and easier just need to show your personal passport, confirm you are a member of the delegation, you will be issued a passport within 24 hours.
– In a worse situation when you are alone and do not bring the above documents, you will have to wait for the Vietnam Diplomatic Representative to verify so there is no need to worry too much.

Note: prevention is better than cure

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To avoid the unfortunate situation, before each trip, you need to be prepared for the worst situations
– Photo passport to make many copies and put in different places with 4×6 photos, photo ID.
– Always keep your passport with you, keep it safe in closed places.
– Look up information of Vietnamese consulate in your country
– Learn some basic communication sentences to get help from people (or download translation)
– Keep calm before a bad situation.

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