How to general view Videos on Facebook

How to general view Videos on Facebook

Video sharing feature on Facebook was just released in the second half of 2018, although the launch time is not long, many users enjoy receiving and using it, so that you can read and know how to use the feature. This new feature, please follow the article below.

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Surely you also know that watching videos with your friends, watching group videos has been applied on YouTube through services ShareTube online or MyCircle and Watch2Gether, and recently, Facebook also has the ability to share videos, invite friends watch videos on Facebook.

huong dan view the same video on facebook

Share Videos on Facebook

So what is video sharing? Watching video (Watch Party) is a feature on social networking Facebook that allows a group of members to watch videos together at the same time.

The videos to watch will be selected by the group’s owner. The video source for viewing is taken from videos posted on Facebook, including live streams. Using this feature, users can connect, share and chat with each other.

Guide to general video on Facebook

For you to view videos on Facebook together, follow these steps:

Step 1: In Home page by Facebook, in the section Create articlesYou choose the icon “…” to open more options.

huong dan shares video on facebook 2

Step 2: You choose the item General view.

huong dan views videos on facebook 3

Step 3: After pressing OK -> you enter the title of Party -> then press Add Videos.

huong dan views videos on facebook 4

Step 4: Enter the name of the Video you want to find in the search box -> when you have found the correct Video, select Add to queue.

huong dan views videos on facebook 5

Step 5: You check your video list -> when satisfied -> click select Accomplished to return to the post box.

huong dan views videos on facebook 6

Step 6: Set the privacy of your posts, usually Public. In this article we will choose Specific friends so that only your friends in the group can see the video.

huong dan views videos on facebook 7

Step 7: You enter your friend’s name in the search bar -> check the box to the right to select.

huong dan shares video on facebook 8

When you have a list of people you want to share with -> you press Save changes.

huong dan view the same video on facebook 9

Press To post to start playing the video.

huong dan view the same video on facebook 10

As a result, you will see the main view of the video broadcast. Here viewers will express feelings and comments and you can interact with them immediately.

huong dan view the same video on facebook 11

That is ElectrodealPro just finished guiding you Share Videos on Facebook, a great new feature for users, especially young people. With this unique feature that helps users have more enjoyable and closer together experience. In addition, you can download Facebook videos to your computer or phone to watch in different free times, there are many unique and easy ways to download Facebook videos from many third-party tools or online internet services. .
In addition, if you are just starting to get acquainted with the Facbook but do not know how to stream Video on Fanpage, immediately refer to the tips Stream Video on Facebook Fanpage that we shared to know how. Good luck!


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