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How to fix the host file, change the host file to Facebook is blocked in July 2017


Editing the host file or changing the Facebook host file to log in to facebook when blocked is very simple, but what is the host file of Facebook? The host file change sometimes cannot be changed, preventing you from accessing facebook, all will be answered in the article below.

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Recently, some websites have had some problems with errors so they cannot be accessed and most commonly Facebook social network. Not only that, some software supporting TV viewing cannot be accessed due to server error.

To overcome this situation, ElectrodealPro will introduce to you how to change and edit the host file – one of the tips of the host file, effective way to access facebook today, helping users to be able to access the servers, Facebook and many other websites are easier. Besides, we will also talk through the common errors when editing this host file for you to more easily imagine.

You open the host file, but then save it, you won’t save it
You save this hosts file to the desktop or any other directory, then copy it back C: Windows System32 drivers etc, you need to confirm override and if there is a prompt asking “You will need to provide Adminstrator permission …” select Continues to continue the copying process.

Latest host file on facebook in June 2016

Note: Some of you change the host file, but it can’t be changed due to the limitation of permissions, please refer to how to change the host file here: Error can not fix host file



Instructions on how to edit the host file

Step 1:

To open the hosts file, do the following:
Method 1: You go to the Windows installation drive (usually drive C: ). Then look for the path to the etc directory containing the host file: “C: Windows System32 drivers etc“.

Edit the host file

Method 2: Go to the Start menu (in the lower right corner of the screen), type in Search progarms and find the following path “C: Windows System32 drivers etc“.

Step 2:

Note:Before making any modifications, save the hosts file to a different folder in case there is a problem and need to back up
In the etc directory containing the host file. Click open the host file with notepad (as shown below)

Then add the necessary parameters at the end of the file to change the hosts file.

Here we want to edit the host file to access facebook when blocked.
Add the following at the end of the file

The host file after editing has the form

Later Save again.

Some errors when editing the host file
– Can not save the file after editing because the account is not an administrator.
– Some anti-virus software prevent the host file from being edited.

So when you encounter some errors when editing the host file, is there a way to fix it?

Fixing tips – Open the host file with the Administrator account.
– Turn off the anti-virus software to make editing easier.

The article on how to change and edit the hosts file is complete, ElectrodealPro hope you can access blocked websites through one of the most prominent host file editing methods today. In case you accidentally delete the host file, you can create a new host file in the way that ElectrodealPro introduced in the article tips.



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