How to fix the error that cannot load YouTube videos

How to fix the error that cannot load YouTube videos

There are many causes of YouTube video fail to load, which can be a slow or unstable network connection, … Refer to the following article of ElectrodealPro to learn how to fix errors and download Youtube videos to your device normally again.

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YouTube is one of the largest and most popular video sharing platforms available today. In addition to downloading videos for offline viewing on the platform, users can download videos and save them on their computer for later viewing.

How to fix video on youtube

Instructions to fix the error of not downloading YouTube videos

However, in the process of downloading the video, users may face the error of not downloading the video with the message “failed to download video file “,” 404 error “, … is displayed on the screen. The cause of the error may be YouTube updating or an encoded video not allowing downloads, the download expiring, antivirus programs, etc.

In the article below, ElectrodealPro will guide you on how to fix the error of not downloading YouTube videos.

How to fix the error that cannot load YouTube videos

Option 1: Download Video on Youtube and add X2 to the link youtube

In essence, you will use the intermediate download website to download youtube videos.

Adding X2 to the Youtube link is considered the easiest way that you can download any video, MP3 from Youtube. The steps are super simple. You open the video or Youtube music that needs to be downloaded to your computer.

Download videos on youtube

On the video URL to download, add the word X2 after the word youtube as shown below, will be redirected to’s video, mp3 downloader

A Web page will automatically appear, Here, you can choose to Download MP3 Youtube to your computer with different quality or download MP4 video file, Webm of that video.

download mp3 youtube

Method 2: Check the Internet connection and see if YouTube is blocked

As mentioned above, the cause of the failure to load a YouTube video can be your slow or unstable Internet connection. Try checking your Internet connection to make sure the connection is stable and downloading the video again to see if the error still occurs.

Also try checking if YouTube is blocked in the country or region where you live. If yes, use a valid Proxy server to download videos.

How to edit video on youtube 2

Method 2: Temporarily disable firewall or antivirus program

Antivirus software, firewalls (Firewall) on the computer can block the YouTube video downloader or converter and cause YouTube video download errors to fail. Try resetting or temporarily disabling the firewall, antivirus programs, and downloading YouTube videos to see if the error still occurs.
This article on ElectrodealPro just instructed you how to fix the error that cannot download videos on YouTube. Also, readers can refer to some articles already on ElectrodealPro to learn how Fix error of video no sound when downloading from Youtube by IDM here.


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