How to fix inserted pictures in Excel
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How to fix inserted pictures in Excel

Images inserted into Excel data tables may vary depending on the requirements of processing data tables. Images can be changed in any position or size. Or when we change the size of columns and rows in Excel spreadsheets, the images in those columns and rows will also be changed in position and size. However, many people do not want the images inserted in Exel cells to be altered when sending files to others, even if they adjust the columns and rows. Just like frozen columns and rows in Excel, users can completely freeze pictures inserted in Excel cells. Previously, the Network Administrator also taught you how to fix shapes in Excel. The following article will guide you how to fix images in Excel cells.

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Instructions fixed image in Excel cells

Step 1:

At the cell we want to insert the image, we press Insert already Choose Picture to select the image to insert. We then adjust the image in the cell accordingly.

Insert image

Step 2:

Right click on the image and select Size and Properties … in the displayed list.

Customize the image

Step 3:

When it is on the right, the interface displays the image editing frame. We press on Properties item to adjust the image to be inserted in the Excel cell

Customize photos in Excel

Then there are 3 fixed image insert options in Excel including:

  • Move and size with Cells: Images or frames can be moved and resized when users resize rows and columns.
  • Move but don’t size with Cells: Images can be moved but cannot be resized when resizing rows and columns.
  • Don’t move or size with Cells: Images cannot be moved and not resized when you change the size of rows and columns.

We choose the type of image fixed in the Excel cell you want to use, depending on the needs to be fixed is finished.

Choose fixed image

Only with very simple settings that images inserted in Excel cells are not resized, or moved if you change rows or columns. Images will be fixed in the position that you inserted in the data table.

I wish you successful implementation!


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