How to fix error code 10 in Windows

How to fix error code 10 in Windows

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Error code 10 at Windows startup appears in the form of a message indicating a device or driver problem. This message indicates that your drivers are not working properly. This indicates that the device manager does not start the machine, one of the drivers required for startup has crashed, or the device manager is not receiving information to recognize the device driver.

  • How to update drivers

  • How to automatically troubleshoot problems

How to update drivers

Right-click on the Windows icon and then select Device Manager. With the manager window open, right-click again on the driver you want to search for updates and click Update driver. Thereafter, follow the instructions in the installation wizard if an update is identified.

How to automatically troubleshoot problems

Windows has a native troubleshooting tool that prevents the system from working properly. To do this, click Start > gear icon to open the settings.

Then, go to Update and security > Problems solution. In place, Windows lists a number of services and components that can be verified. Click on one of them and then Perform troubleshooting:

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