How to fix common SopCast error

How to fix common SopCast error

In today’s article, ElectrodealPro will summarize the errors SopCast Frequently asked questions and how to fix them in case they are encountered. Problems related to connection prevent users from viewing the content on SopCast.

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Sopcast is the software that many people love and use, this software also always updates its programs and sends viewers with the best quality. However, there are many errors Sopcast often when used, it annoys the viewer and partly pulls down the reputation of this software.

other popular sopcast series

But do not be discouraged because common Sopcast errors have quite easy fixes, helping you to quickly watch TV channels after fixing common Sopcast errors such as Sopcast error not showing up. blocked or disconnected.

How to fix common Sopcast errors

1. Fix Sopcast error that is blocked by the network operator

To fix the Sopcast error that is blocked by the network operator, a common Sopcast error we will follow the following method.

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + R to open the Run command box then enter the address: C: Windows System32 drivers etc, then press OK to access this directory.

other popular sopcast series 2

Step 2: Here we will see the Hosts file, right click and select Open with to open the hosts file.

other popular sopcast series 3

And then choose Notepad as the tool to open the Hosts file.

other popular sopcast series 4

Step 3: When the Hosts file is opened, enter the following two ranges of addresses:

other popular sopcast series 5

Step 4: Next you save this file.

other popular sopcast series 6

Select the file in txt format and click save.

other popular sopcast series 7

2. Fix Sopcast error not see image

Step 1: Run any program and mute it.

other popular sopcast series 8

Step 2: Next run VLC Media Player and also mute and then click on Media, select Open Network Stream …

other popular sopcast series 9

Step 3: Step 3: A new window appears, select Network. Next, you choose Network.

other popular sopcast series 10

In the Network section, select 1 of the following 3 links in the box below the line

Link 1:

Link 2:

Link 3:

These are Stream links, which are intended to help the viewing speed better than usual, to avoid unnecessary errors.

3. Fix Sopcast Cannot retrieve data error.

This is a common Sopcast error and the way to handle the Cannot retrieve data error is quite simple when you just need to exit Sopcast and then log back in many times. However, before that you need to turn off the Firewall system thinking Firewall on the computer.

Step 1: Open Start Menu type Firewall and access the found results.

other popular sopcast series 11

Step 2: In the Windows Defender Firewall section select Next Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.

other popular sopcast series 12

Step 3: In this part we just need to Full turn off set then click OK.

other popular sopcast series 13

4. Fix Sopcast error can not access sopcast service

To fix Sopcast error, the sopcast service can not access the thing to do here is to change to a DNS that Sopcast trusts to be able to connect to.

Step 1: look down the Task Bar, right click and select Open Network & Internet settings.

other popular sopcast series 14

Step 2: In Network & Internet settings select next section Status.

other normal sopcast series has 15

Step 3: Here you scroll down to the bottom and click Network and Sharing Center.

other popular sopcast series 16

Step 4: In the Sharing Center select WiFi, the network is in use.

other popular sopcast series 17

Step 5: Then click next Properties.

other popular sopcast series 18

Step 6: Click next Internet Protocol Version 4.

other popular sopcast series 19

Step 7: Here you just need to set DNS to google, then press OK is done.

other standard sopcast series is about 20
With 4 common Sopcast errors above, ElectrodealPro hope that you will fix all the common Sopcast errors to have the best experience with Sopcast on the computer. And even if you encounter errors such as the Sopcast error being blocked or not, you can remember the instructions in this article to fix the error.


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