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How to fix common problems with motorbikes, invite you to share more

I share some of my experience with you in handling situations with motorbikes. Because I mainly go to the number car, my experience will revolve around the digital car. If you find anything missing, please add it.

Cars are not up

A vehicle that is not up is a common situation, especially a car for a long time to not run. In case the vehicle is not up, you should not try it too many times because it is easy to choke gas, making the situation more complicated. Instead, you should:

1. Need to boot: the one that needs to be in the area near the machine, to ease the pedal, you can stand against it and pedal. Before pedal remember to turn off all the lights, you-because we need to focus on power supply to start the engine. Usually, just pedaling the car is able to solve most situations.

2. Drag the wind: the wind (air wind) is the one shown below, it is usually located on the left hand side of the motorbike. You can drag it all the way (called "out of the way") and press the button to start. I have read it online, so when I think about it, I should not turn on the throttle, just press the button. There are times when the car is too long to fix it, so the way to use the wind is quite effective.

This is not clear to me, because with scooters, why don't you like to ride a car, you guys will comment and share more.

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Also related to the motorcycle not up, usually due to the battery out, you should bring the new tank as soon as possible to make the use of the car easier.

The vehicle on the water is turned off

When going through the flooded area, if the motorbike is unlucky, it will turn off the engine and it will not work. Now, don't try to try too many times, try a few times without seeing the effect, try removing the spark plug and then drying it again. This way has saved me through many rainy seasons.

Removing spark plugs (pictured below) is different for each model, car company, but basically, spark plugs are located in the car overalls area. Covering the spark plug is a "pipe", a rubber shell shaped like a pipe. Remove the pipe, remove the spark plug and dry it, turn it back on to try it.

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If you don't know how to do it, don't try to fix a motorbike anymore, turn off the engine, take the car to a place where there's a motorbike repair. Sometimes water gets into a viscous or pô, this is a bit tense, hard to handle.

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This is rare, but when it does, it can jerk a car very dangerous if you try to revive the engine. Usually when the car is unable to pedal the gear, I will stop the car, try to push it close to the edge for safety, then slowly reverse the car or move the car forward a little and then step back to try the number. If you can lighten it lightly, it won't help if you push harder : D

Light up, lights are not working, or lightning is very weak

This situation is mostly due to out of battery, just bring it to the store to replace the bottle. A few cases are due to the electrical system, and this you can't handle yourself but have to ask the help of a worker.

Others are simply because the electrical system has not been fully activated (but the car is still running). You can try turning off the engine, unplugging the key and then plugging it back in carefully, turning it on.

Duy Luân

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