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How to fix common problems with Android phones (2019)

My experience of using Android (Mostly Samsung Note 3, 4, now S10 + 2sim series) found that the app will usually still work after I don't use it.

This leads to if you run too much, there will be a lot of apps running underneath, which leads to the computer usually runs out of battery, and often appears the ads, popup of continuous applications on the status bar of the screen. wait picture. (Do you install some e-commerce apps like Getit, Chotot, Tinhte, Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, Sendo …. you will see a lot of popup appearing countless, and unnecessary, while what you need just important news like email, important messages ..)

To thoroughly overcome this problem, just use 1 simple app, that is Greenify

You can download the application Greennify free here.


Greenify – Apps on Google Play

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– Greenify software will freeze the applications you have chosen to empty Ram and reduce the CPU heat.
– This freezing principle is completely different from how the programs of common Task managers are closed. In other software, they have to close the program completely and in this way for some stubborn software, it will quickly turn itself on and still consume battery power for the device. For Greenify software, it will keep the selected software from opening (rather than opening it and closing it for battery consumption). The selected software opens only when you press its icon and will never open itself.


After setup is complete, you should create a shortcut to hibernate and lock the device, the program will create a shortcut on the main screen of the phone that functions as hibernation and lock the device.

Thus, every time you finish using the application, want to turn off the screen and turn off the running underground applications, just press the hibernate button and lock the device, Greenify will automatically turn off all applications running in the background (not related to the application of the android system, these are the applications you install more only).

This will reduce all phone usage of RAM, CPU, PIN of the phone, making the phone always run smoothly, cool, less battery consuming.

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Duy Luân

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