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How to fix common Facebook ad errors


Running Facebook ads is probably not too strange to many people anymore. But sometimes while running Facebook ads, you encounter some errors that you do not know how to fix. Therefore, the following article ElectrodealPro will guide you on how to fix the most common Facebook advertising errors.

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There are many reasons why your ad is not approved by Facebook and shown to your target audience. Refer to the following article of ElectrodealPro to find out the causes as well as how to fix the common Facebook ad errors.

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How to fix common Facebook ad errors

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Article Contents:
I. Troubleshooting Facebook advertising issues at the campaign level.
1. Over budget for campaign.
2. Optimize campaign budgets.
II. Fixed Facebook ads at the ad group level (Ad Set).
1. Target a narrow audience.
2. The target audience is overlapping.
3. Low bid or budget.
4. Target the discriminated audience.
III. Fix Facebook ads at the ad level.
1. Ads contain more than 20% text.
2. Relevance score is low.
3. Low customer satisfaction index (Customer Satisfaction Score).

I. Troubleshooting Facebook advertising issues at the campaign level

There are 2 main causes of Facebook advertising crashes and errors at the campaign level, including:

1. Over budget for campaign

You may not know Facebook will stop showing ads in case you’ve exceeded your campaign’s allotted budget.

Solution: To fix this, first select the campaign to which you want to allocate more budget (or the campaign is failing), then find and click. Edit (edit). To reset or change a budget for a campaign, in the section Campaign spending limit you delete an existing limited budget or you can add an additional budget to the campaign.

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2. Optimize campaign budgets

To use this feature, you need to make sure all ad sets are served. If any undelivered ad groups are left, Facebook may not be able to allocate the budget for that ad group. This is because the platform’s algorithm is designed to deliver the budget to the high-quality ad group in your campaign.

Solution: This is also one of the common errors running Facebook ads, to fix this need to make sure your ad group has been served.

II. Fix Facebook ad errors at the ad group level (Ad Set)

Here are some common Facebook ad errors at the ad group level (Ad Set):

1. Target a narrow audience

If you target a narrow audience, assuming you are targeting customers who have made a purchase in the past 3 days, this also means that you are “narrowing” your campaign’s audience targets. .

In this case:

Solution 1: Edit audience targeting for Ad Set (ad group) to exclude duplicate audiences.

Solution 2: Target audience through Reach Campaign. This way your ad will be visible to all the audiences you selected.

2. The target audience is overlapping

In the event that the audience between the Ad Set is overlapping, this means you are “competing” with yourself, not the competition. Usually Facebook algorithm chooses high quality ad groups to display.

Solution: Make sure your audience goals don’t overlap through the use of the tool Audience Overlap Tool by Facebook. Access the Audiences tab, select the objects that you think are overlapping, then in Section Actions, find and select Show audience overlap.

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3. Low bid or budget

Every ad that you’ve bid on can show up on Facebook. In the event that the bid you set is “low”, your ad cannot compete with your competitor’s.

Solution: The only solution in this case is to try increasing your bids or changing your bidding strategy.

4. Target the discriminated audience

As a side note, when running Facebook ads, you need to comply with the platform’s nondiscrimination policy when targeting or excluding specific audience groups based on race, ethnicity, or marital status. , …. The case if targeting discriminatory audiences, either your ad will be disapproved or will be served in a narrow range.

Solution: Remove the target that has been flagged as discrimination, and accept the terms of Facebook’s nondiscrimination policy.

III. Fix Facebook ads at the ad level

1. Ads contain more than 20% text

Though Facebook IS NOT requires advertisers to adhere to a policy of no more than 20% text per ad. However, if the ad “exceeds” 20% of the text, it will affect your ad exposure to the target audience that you have targeted.

Solution: Use filters In review to find the advertisements affected by this policy. Next use the tool Image Text Check on Facebook to check and make sure the ad does not contain text exceeding 20%.

2. Relevance score is low

Relevance score shows how relevant your ads are to your target audience. The higher the relevance score means the lower it will cost you to reach your target audience.

Conversely, a low relevance score (high negative feedback match) means more cost, and even lower ad delivery.

Solution: First you need to reconsider whether the audience you are targeting is correct or not. If everything is fine, the next step you need to do is create a copy or update your ad to make it more attractive (in case if the ad you’ve been using for a while).

3. Low customer satisfaction index (Customer Satisfaction Score)

Customer Satisfaction Score (Customer Satisfaction Score) is assigned and assigned to all Facebook pages running ads, the metric scale is between 0 – 5. The lower the metric will affect performance. Your ad serving comes at a cost.

Solution: Improve metrics so that your ads can be delivered to your target audience.
So, the above article ElectrodealPro has just guided you some ways to fix common Facebook ad errors. Hopefully the above article has provided you with useful information. If there are any questions or questions need more answers such as Tips for running effective Facebook adsReaders can leave your comments in the comments below the article.



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