How to fix Camtasia has stopped working error

How to fix Camtasia has stopped working error

Error Camtasia has stopped working is very common with current versions 8 and 9, so what to do to completely fix Camtasia has stopped working error to help working again. The following guide will show you how to fix the above Camtasia Studio error.

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Camtasia has stopped working error perhaps happens quite often for those who use Camtasia Studio version 8 or 9. This is a rather confusing error about the cause, but how to fix Camtasia has stopped working error is completely simple.

Camtasia has stopped working

Fix Camtasia has stopped working, with Camtasia 9, 8

Camtasia Studio is a software that allows users to do many different purposes from using Camtasia Studio to record video to capturing screenshots and more, editing video post-production after using Camtasia Studio to record video. Version Camtasia 9 The version is used a lot and Camtasia has stopped working error often occurs in this version. If you have encountered the above error and are not sure how to fix it, the following guide will help you.

How to stop working Camtasia has stopped

1. Try running Camtasia Studio as Administrator

Try running Camtasia Studio with the highest privileges as Admin is also a way to help you fix the Camtasia has stopped working error, but not very positive when applying this method. anyway, this is also a way that you can try if you want to fix Camtasia has stopped working error easiest.

Camtasia has stopped working 2

2. Delete the folder in Camtasia Studio

In Camtasia Studio there is a folder called Sample_projects and our task is just to delete that folder to try to see if Camtasia has stopped working error or not.

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + R To access the Run tool, copy the following path and run: C: ProgramData TechSmith Camtasia Studio 9.

Of course, this is the default path of Camtasia Studio when you install it as it is, but if you have changed the path before, you have to manually go to the Camtasia Studio folder that you specified earlier.

Camtasia has stopped working 3

Step 2: Once you are in here, please delete it Sample_projects but switch to the View above in Explorer.

Camtasia has stopped working 4

Step 3: At the View we are select Options > and select Next Change Folder and search options.

Camtasia has stopped working 5

Step 4: Next, click on show hidden files, folders, and drivers in this view and confirm Apply >OK again.

Camtasia has stopped working 6

Step 5: Finally please delete the Sample_projects folder Attached are any hidden folders that will appear, if any.

Camtasia has stopped working 7

And then restart the computer and then try to go back to Camtasia Studio to see if Camtasia has stopped working error has been resolved or not.

3. Delete applications that conflict with Camtasia Studio

Camtasia has stopped working error is also most likely due to application conflicts, mainly video related software such as Quicktimes, Quicktimes is the main cause of the error Camtasia has stopped working, of course we have many other causes, but if your computer has Quicktimes installed, try to uninstall this software and run Camtasia Studio to see if the Camtasia has stopped working error can be fixed.

Above is the solution to help users quickly fix Camtasia has stopped working error. With the above methods, the user will quickly fix the error and can use Camtasia Studio as usual, used to record videos, take screenshots or edit video post-production as desired.
Also, if you want to learn more about Camtasia Studio, there is a very good tip that is applied in Camtasia Studio that not everyone knows how to do. This is also the question of many readers when asking about this trick, with how to blur the video object in Camtasia Studio is the tip that we are talking about. This is a very good trick applied in videos that you can see often on TV, see how blurring the subject in Camtasia Studio Here for details on this effect.


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