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How to fix AirPods with only one ear heard

The problem with broken headphones is not specific to any one, and the common AirPods problem is sound quality, poor battery or AirPods that can only be heard on one ear. The AirPods only hear the sound of one ear and the other does not make a sound is not necessarily a serious error that can not be used, but we can also check and correct with some simple actions. The following article will summarize some ways to fix AirPods error that can only be heard in one ear.

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Instructions to fix AirPods error can only hear 1 ear

Method 1: Clean the AirPods headset

Cleaning the headset is also necessary, both helping us hear sounds well and also ensuring hygiene for your ears after use. You should clean both the AirPods and the charging box once a month. Readers can refer to the hygiene steps for the headset according to the article below.

  • To protect your hearing, clean your headphones

Clean the earphones

Method 2: Check sound settings on iPhone

The only hearing AirPods can be due to the wrong sound mode. You access Settings> Accessibility> Audio / Visual. Then please Turn off Phone Noise Cancellation. Next to Horizontal bar in the Balance section The circle icon needs to be centered. If the circle button is completely off to one side, the sound in that ear will be muted. Regime Mono Audio also needs to be turned off go.

Adjust the sound

Method 3: Reconnect AirPods with iPhone

When having trouble with sound or another error on AirPods, users can try disconnecting from the iPhone, then we proceed to reconnect the AirPods to the iPhone. How to connect AirPods to iPhone readers follow the article How to connect iPhone to AirPods without going to the Bluetooth menu.

Reconnect to iPhone

Method 4: Reset settings on iPhone

If you have tried the above methods but not yet, you try to reset the iPhone, bringing all the settings on the iPhone to the factory default settings. If you do not know how to reset the iPhone step by step, refer to the article How to restore iPhone factory reset.

Above are some ways to fix AirPods error that only hear 1 ear. You should try to fix this error in each of the above ways, if not then the last way to bring AirPods to a warranty shop for inspection.

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