How to find someone else's ip address

How to find someone else’s ip address

An IP address is an online pointer to a person’s computer that is recorded on Web servers when you connect to the Internet. Finding someone’s IP address is difficult, but impossible. If you are in need of checking other people’s IP, please refer to the article below.

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The way to check another person’s IP is to interact with that person through online services such as email or text messages. In case the person you need to find the IP address via email can refer to the tutorial find the IP address of the email sender by Taimienphi. In addition, when using the social network Facebook or any online chat service you can also find the IP address of the interacting person. How to do it, you follow the steps below:

Note: Before using this method, you should close all tabs on your browser and keep only Facebook tabs. If possible, you should also clear all of your browser history and cache.

Guide to find other people’s ip address

Step 1: You open the window Tremor by pressing the key combination Windows + R and enter cmd to open the command prompt Command Prompt.

How to find other people's IP addresses

Step 2: On the window Command Prompt, you type the command line netstat -an and press Enter

How to find other people's IP addresses 2

The results will display all the IP addresses that have interacted with you. You just have to list all the possible IP addresses of the person you are looking for.

How to find other people's IP addresses 3

Step 3: Next you will be able to trace that IP. To do this you need a service IP tracer. Below are some website addresses of the service providers IP tracer:


You just need to copy and paste the IP address to find information and hit search. Immediately you will receive full information of that IP including: address City, Country, Internet Service Provider (ISP), even a map of the location of that IP …

How to find other people's IP addresses 4

So you already know how to find other people’s ip address, right? With this way, you can also know the IP address of a certain country, understand how Check IP of which country Now using will help you identify the country who is interacting with you in any country.
In addition, during the process of using your computer, you often receive emails that make fun of, scam or spread viruses and want to find the culprit. The article on how to find an IP address will help you to solve this problem. Just knowing the IP address, you will know the address of the person who caused your problems.


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