Webmaster freelance : trouver de nouvelles missions

Freelance Webmasters all devote a significant part of their time to prospecting for new assignments. It is not easy to know how to do it or where to start, especially when you are new to freelancing. Here are some ideas in this article.

Register on a platform for freelance

Platforms connecting self-employed and customers have multiplied in recent years. These platforms for freelancers have today become almost essential in the search for assignments. They are particularly useful for those who are embarking on the adventure of freelancing and wish to access a wide range of missions.
These platforms, which are numerous, do not all operate in the same way. They can be more or less selective, offer different methods of linking and pricing. In addition, some platforms are specialized in certain sectors while others are generalists.
The offer is plentiful and one could easily get lost. However, the choice of a platform is not trivial for a Webmaster freelance. In order to maximize the possibilities of finding interesting missions, it is essential to choose a quality platform. This is the case with a platform that offers a large number of qualitative missions.
The downside of using a platform is the competition there. This tends to pull prices down. While this is a great way to start, it’s important to quickly diversify your prospecting channels.

Mobilize and develop your network

The importance of the network, personal and professional, no longer needs to be demonstrated. While more and more professionals are starting freelance at the start of their career, it is not uncommon for a self-employed person to find their first assignments thanks to the network already established during their career.
By keeping his friends, classmates and Linkedin contacts informed of his activity, the freelance Webmaster increases his chances of being offered assignments.
You have to know how to both mobilize your existing network and create new connections. One way to do this is to participate in events related to your field of activity.
It can also be useful to join a community of freelancers on social networks to exchange advice and information, especially on finding assignments.
It should also be noted that certain forms of freelance exercises such as wage portage can facilitate networking with other freelancers or potential clients.

Work on your visibility

In any case, the freelancer must be concerned with his visibility. For a freelance Webmaster, this necessarily involves a website on which he can demonstrate his know-how but also by writing regular posts on specialized blogs to display his expertise. It’s long-term work and you won’t see the effects immediately, but it will pay off in the end. The key to gaining visibility is to produce quality content regularly. Focus on quality over quantity. Don’t be too ambitious about your posting pace. We are often very (too?) Enthusiastic at the start! The main thing is to set yourself a reasonable frequency of publication and stick to it.
Another fundamental aspect to gain visibility is to systematically collect the opinions of your customers on Google or on a specialized platform. Each time you carry out an assignment, do not hesitate to seek the advice of your client. A satisfied customer will earn you new customers.

Know how to present and sell its services

Prospecting is good, but then you have to succeed in convincing your interlocutor that you are the right person for the job. Good pitch is the essential tool to make a prospect want to use your services. This short presentation is an opportunity to convince potential customers of the quality of your service offering.
Approaching companies by email or on the networks remains a classic and efficient way to get in touch with potential customers. Making a powerful pitch is the key to making contact lead to a mission. A good pitch requires good preparation, so practice, both written and oral, to deliver a hard-hitting pitch.
By exploiting all the means available to find assignments, a freelance Webmaster puts all the chances on his side to develop his activity.

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