Image 1: How to find a stock Android in a few minutes?

How to find a stock Android in a few minutes?

Here is a succession of small tips that will allow you to find a Android stock, that is to say without any anthology and rid of unnecessary applications.

Sure Android, each smartphone manufacturer goes its own way small software overlay aimed at optimizing the use of the device. If some like Samsung have recently made some efforts, the operating system is still “modified” compared to what can be found on a Pixel, for example.

But there is always a way to find a pure environment, without rooting the device. As a guinea pig smartphone, we opted for a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but rest assured: all the manipulations presented here are universal and work on any model of Android phone.

Image 2: How to find a stock Android in a few minutes?

How to find the classic home screen of Android?

The first step is to reinstall Google Now Launcher. This is actually the classic Android home screen, the same one that allows you to launch all applications, place shortcuts and Widgets or access news (via the screen located completely on the left of the screen).

Go to the Play Store or click the button in this article to install Google Now Launcher. Once set up, there is almost nothing to do since Google Now Launcher automatically replaces any UI delivered by the smartphone manufacturer. So you find the classic Google launcher.

You can place your Widgets, shortcuts there and access the traditional app store. In addition, a swipe to the left screen gives you access to the weather and the latest news, which you can customize as you see fit (in our case, it was Bixby showing up).

Image 3: How to find a stock Android in a few minutes?

Android: how to restore Widgets?

What could be more convenient than using widgets, which display regularly updated information on the home screen? Bad luck: some manufacturers, by adding their own overlay, tend to make them completely disappear from Android.

However, after restoring the home screen, you can reinstall them most commonly in the world. Click on a blank area of ​​the home screen, and keep your finger pressed: select the Widget function and place for example a Calendar Widget on the home screen.

Do the same for the other features that you use regularly (messaging, clock, music, etc.). Your environment is starting to look a bit more like Android Stock.

Image 4: How to find a stock Android in a few minutes?

Android: how to recover the official Google keyboard?

Smartphone manufacturers tend to impose their own keyboard supposed to bring more precision, comfort and speed to the user … But this may not be your case and you would prefer to find the “real” virtual keyboard from Google delivered by default on Android? Never mind: download the Google Gboard keyboard from the Play Store. Launch it and click Activate in the settings. In the Keyboard management section, activate the Gboard / Multilingual input function. Then click on Select an input method, and check the Gboard function. Press the button Set permissions and click To allow. Finally press the OK button and everything is done: you have now found the Google keyboard for all smartphone applications.

Image 5: How to find a stock Android in a few minutes?

How to send SMS with Android Messages?

In addition to the main interface, smartphone manufacturers also feel the incomprehensible need to develop their own messaging application. If you want to find the real Android application dedicated to SMS, know that it is quite possible.

Go to the PlayStore and download the app called Messages. Install it: the application will ask you the first time to set it as default software. Click Next, then click OK. And there you go, you’ve just found the default messaging app.

Image 6: How to find a stock Android in a few minutes?

Android: how to find the real phone application?

As with the Messages application, the manufacturer may also have installed its own application dedicated to telephony. Again, it is perfectly possible to find the one that comes with Android by default, and then delete the one from the smartphone manufacturer (see below for uninstalling). To do this, install the Google Phone app from the Play Store or by clicking on the icon above. Note, however, that the app is not necessarily compatible with all devices.

Image 7: How to find a stock Android in a few minutes?

Android: how to recover the original clock

If you’re a perfectionist, you might even want to grab the real Google clock (again, smartphone makers offer their own app, which isn’t always very handy).

Google’s clock is downloaded from the Play Store and is compatible with any model (unlike the phone app). Remember to uninstall the manufacturer’s clock, however, to avoid any confusion between the two.

Image 8: How to find a stock Android in a few minutes?

Android: how to get all the original Google apps

Depending on the manufacturer of your smartphone, other applications may have been installed to manage the photo, emails, etc. Again, you are free to prefer the applications traditionally shipped with Android and remove the software from the manufacturer.

For example, there are Google Photos, Gmail, Contacts, Drive (some manufacturers offer their own online storage service and therefore ignore Google Drive), etc. All these applications are freely downloadable from the Google Play Store and allow you, once again, to find an environment ever closer to Android stock.

Image 9: How to find a stock Android in a few minutes?

How to uninstall all unnecessary applications on Android?

Once the smartphone manufacturer’s apps have been replaced by Google’s, all you have to do is completely remove unnecessary software. Start by going to your device’s app store, and find all the apps you just replaced. Remove them one by one by letting your finger tap their icon, and dragging them to the Uninstall function.

In some cases, however, this functionality is not available. How to force uninstall these applications which take up space and which you no longer need (always without rooting the device, needless to say)? Install the ES File Explorer File Manager app, launch it, and click the APP icon. Select the applications you want to remove from the smartphone, then click Uninstall.

Image 10: How to find a stock Android in a few minutes?

With a Samsung, how do I deactivate Bixby?

On smartphones of the Samsung brand, there is an assistant called Bixby. If the application is practical enough, it is not to everyone’s taste, especially since the voice mode is not yet available in France, which limits its real scope.

By installing Google Now Launcher, you remove Bixby from the left side of the home screen. But it is possible to go even further, by prohibiting its use from the button on the left of Samsung devices.

To do this, launch Bixby and click on the small toothed wheel (top right). Uncheck the Bixby button function to make it totally inactive. Note that Bixby is deeply installed in the system, and uninstalling it via ES File Explorer will have no other effect than resetting its settings, without deleting it.

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