How to Fake IP on Chrome

How to Fake IP on Chrome

It is not necessary to Fake IP to access a service, a website like Facebook, but we can do this directly on the Chrome browser without affecting the computer, with the way Fake IP on Chrome later This will tell you more a cool Fake IP.

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With Fake IP on Chrome We will not need to install any software on the computer or delay activities on the computer by changing IP, Fake IP. The most typical of the previous Fake IP used is Fake IP to log into Facebook.

fake ip on chrome
The tool that helps us Fake IP on Chrome in this article is Hola, an Extension installed on Google Chrome browser to be able to Fake IP on Chrome without affecting any other activities on your computer. friend. How to install and use Hola to Fake IP on Chrome is follow the instructions below.

Guide Fake IP on Chrome

Step 1: The most important thing that we need to do is download Hola, open chrome then load Hola for Chromeright on the browser here. Then remember to click Add to Chrome to install Hola.

fake ip on chrome 2

Step 2: Next you press add convenience to add Hola to chrome.

fake ip on chrome 3

As soon as the Hola installation is complete you should see there Extension icon this in the browser.

fake ip on chrome 4

Step 3: To use you just click and country selection, for example America.

fake ip on chrome 5

Or choose from hundreds of different countries that Hola supports Fake IP on Chrome.

fake ip on chrome 6

Step 4: Wait a moment after clicking for Hola to help you Fake IP on Chrome.

fake ip on chrome 7

Step 5: When the Hola icon was replaced by a national flag icon, the Fake IP in Chrome was successful.

fake ip on chrome 8

Use Hola Fake IP on Chrome

Step 1: Suppose ElectrodealPro is accessing a website and it says that this service is only available in the US and in this case we will use Hola to Fake IP on Chrome. First click on the Hola icon.

fake ip on chrome 9

Step 2: Then you click on the American flag iconPlease note that Hola works only with open websites and for that particular site.

fake ip on chrome 10

Step 3: Once finished switching to the US flag you just have to press F5 To refresh the website, you will be in immediately.

fake ip on chrome 11

What about Fake IP on phone?

Please rest assured that Hola supports both Android phones and iPhone, so if you need Fake IP on Android, iPhone in addition to Fake IP on Chrome, you can download and use Hola here.

– Download Hola Android version, Download Hola for Android
– Download Hola iPhone version, Download Hola for iPhone
Above are instructions on how to Fake IP on Chrome extremely simple with Hola, an extension completely free. This is also not the only Fake IP on Chrome that we can do. There are many other ways that Fake IP does not slow down the Internet nor affect other services on the machine that we can use. However, Hola is one of the easiest ways that Fake IP does not slow down the internet that ElectrodealPro want to recommend.


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