How to export printing images in Photoshop

How to export printing images in Photoshop

Photoshop provides users with many options to export image files, not only the option to save images to a computer. You can use images to print as advertisements, post on social networks or print as complete files. Or if you want to export image files to send via email, you can also convert photos as PDF or lower quality JPG images to easily send via email. The following article will guide you how to export image files in Photoshop.

1. Export Photoshop image file to print

To bring the image to print, we set the image to the highest quality level. The color model used will be the CMYK standard.

In Photoshop image want to export click Edit then select Convert to Profile …

Convert to Profile ...

Then the user Click on Profile and Working CMYK as the picture then Click OK to continue.

Select Working CMYK

Users proceed with saving photos, Click Save As then select The file format for saving is JPEG.

Save the JPGE image

This time displays the interface custom image, section Quality is Maximum or stay level 10 – 12.

Great image quality

2. Export images to Facebook or website

Images uploaded to the website should ensure good image quality but not too large image size.

Method 1: Save the image manually

We Click Save As to save the image below JPEG format to save image file with low capacity. At the section JPEG Options you choose Quality at 6-8 levels for good image quality and not blurry but not too high capacity.

Average image quality

Method 2: Set images automatically for websites

Click File and then continue Save for Web.

Save for Web

Then click Optimized tab. Continue with Preset item choose the JPEG Low, Medium, or PNG to export images with good quality but not too high image size. Click Save to save.

Save images for the website

3. Export photos by email

Images when emailed should be smaller than A4-sized images, using low-quality image files.

Method 1: Export low-quality JPG images

Press Save A to save the image below JPEG format, then the section Low quality and choose from 1-3.

Save low quality photos

Method 2: Export images in PDF format

We click Save As and select Save formats are Photoshop PDF (* .PDF, * .PDP).

Save as PDF

At the new Compression section, we look to the side Image Quality choose Low then click Save PDF is done.

Save as low quality PDF

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