How to exit Vietkey on the computer

How to exit Vietkey on the computer

How to exit Vietkey on the computer seems to be simple, everyone knows how to do it. But have you ever asked how many ways to exit Vietkey? And what is the fastest and most effective way? In this article, Taimienphi and you will go together to analyze and compare the fastest ways to exit Vietkey on your computer!

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Did you know that there is more than one way to exit or disable Vietkey on a computer. It is possible that the way to exit the Vietnamese typing software Vietkey that you often use is not the best way, the software still works in the background without being completely turned off.

how to operate vietkey on a computer

How to exit Vietkey on the computer

This will prevent you from using or reinstalling this software, leaving you confused as to how to resolve it. With 4 ways to turn off exit VietkeyEffective that Taimienphi introduces, you will surely turn off Vietkey no matter how “stubborn” the software is.

Attendance for 4 ways to exit Vietkey on the computer effectively

Method 1: One of the common ways that users often use it is how to turn off Vietkey from Taskbar toolbar . You right-click Vietkey icon on the toolbar in the lower right corner of the screen and select End .

how to use vietkey on a computer 2

Method 2: On working window of Vietnamese typing tool Vietkey, click letter X icon – Close the software in the upper right corner.

Method 3: Also on working window main program, you click on the word Exit included letter X icon below.

How to remove vietkey on a computer 3

Method 4: This method will take a lot of manipulation and take more time, but it will help you quit Vietkey on your computer completely. This is an effective exit method of Vietkey that many users use when Vietkey has problems.

Step 1: Right-click the Taskbar, select Task Manager ;

how to use vietkey on a computer 4

Step 2: At the card Processes You will find a file named vknt.exe , right click and select End Task .

How to use vietkey on a computer 5
Above are 4 ways to exit Vietkey on the computer quickly and effectively. As a loyal user of Vietkey tool, which way do you usually use to exit the software? Leave a comment and share with Taimienphi right away! In addition, if you do not want to use Vietkey, you can delete Vietkey let’s go.


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