How to edit photos on OneDrive

How to edit photos on OneDrive

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Edit photos on OneDrive it is already possible. Microsoft’s cloud already stored photos, but it didn’t allow you to adjust them. Now the company ships an online native editor, able to quickly adjust the images saved in the program. Continue reading this article to learn about the editor’s features.

  • OneDrive native editor
  • To edit

    • Cut
    • Adjust
  • save the adjusted photo

OneDrive native editor

OneDrive’s native editor doesn’t claim to compete with powerful editors like Adobe’s, its vocation is to offer quick adjustments to photos saved in Microsoft’s cloud. The interface is minimalist, with the toolbar positioned at the top:

If the problem with the photo is just to rotate it, just click on the button To spin. Rotation is up to 90°.

Note that the sample editing was done on OneDrive web and that the native editor is already available on OneDrive on mobile devices running Android.

To edit

Click on the button To edit to make the necessary adjustments to the photo. See below for what you can do.


  • resize: the tool to change the size is very simple, just slide the corners or edges to make the image the desired size.
  • To spin: Click on the icons below the image on the left to rotate the image.
  • viewing angle: changing the angle is also easy to do, just slide the marker, below the photo, to the right or left.
  • Mirror or reverse: click on the icon of two horizontal arrows to get the image mirroring effect and in the two vertical to invert the position of the image.
  • photo format: Click the Image (free) icon in the center of the bottom of the interface to choose various shapes – rectangular, square, etc.


clicking on the button Adjust, next to Crop, you can adjust – Of course (brightness, exposure, highlight, contrast, shadow) and Color (saturation, heat, intensity).

Remember that, if necessary, click on reset. The button is positioned at the top right.

save the adjusted photo

Once the adjustments are complete, you can save your photo: click the blue button To save, at the top of the screen, left corner. You have two options – To save and save a copy.

Photo: © Microsoft.

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