How to draw house plan, home design with Home Plan Pro

How to draw house plan, home design with Home Plan Pro

Home Plan Pro is a compact but powerful design software with the ability to draw diagrams and design homes. Using and drawing home plans with Home Plan Pro is the solution for engineers if they want to get a work like that without spending too much time.

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On the market today, there are many software for drawing house plans and designing houses and plans. One of them is very popular right now is Home Plan Pro. Software can help you Draw a house plan with Home Plan Pro simple and easy. With a wide range of built-in modes that enable the user to use this home drawing software to draw the most basic to very complex designs that today’s leading software can do.

The home plan pro

However, Home Plan Pro also has its weaknesses when first-time user impression is not high because the software’s interface is quite bad compared to current software. However, Home Plan Pro is still a software worth researching and using as well as drawing home plans with Home Plan Pro which is also a pretty good solution that architects often use.

Instructions for drawing house plans with Home Plan Pro

Step 1: To draw a house plan with Home Plan Pro, first your computer must have a small software. Download Home Plan Pro to the computer right here.

Step 2: Next you select the path for this software by clicking BrowseIf you want to leave it as is, just click Next to continue.

home plan pro state design

Step 3: Then the installation of Home Plan Pro will take place very quickly, and right now you can use Home Plan Pro by clicking Evaluation Status.

I have a home plan pro

Step 4: Next you choose Run Program to launch Home Plan Pro.

house design in state home plan pro

Step 5: And to create a new project, click Next Start a New Plan.

home plan pro

Step 6: Right after that you will be given the option to create an area for the drawing and the unit used is inch, when increasing the inch, the size also increases.

The home plan pro

Step 7: Right then the interface of Home Plan Pro will appear and now let’s proceed to draw the house plan with Home Plan Pro only.

home plan pro state design

Annotation tools in Home Plan Pro

Drawing Lines: Tools allow you to draw a line
Dim: Creates the rulers for the drawing.
Polygon Tools: Use for roofing designs
Arc: Create 2 points and bend them.
Draw wall: Wall painting tool on Home Plan Pro.
Scalable Patterms: Paint the walls in Home Plan Pro.
Insert Door: Add the door to the drawing.
Insert Windows: Add window to the drawing
Add text: Add characters to drawings.
Add text Fast: Add text directly without pre-input.
– Fill: Color the entire wall.
FIGS: Add household items in the drawing such as refrigerator, kitchen or living room items.
Hide: Hide the object
Clone: Duplicate that character, like the copy of Windows.

home plan pro state design

And you will only take about a while if you have ever known other design software to be able to get acquainted and draw house plans with Home Plan Pro.

home plan pro state design

Above is a guide to drawing a home plan with Home Plan Pro, with the above article hoping to help you understand the basics of how to use Home Plan Pro, in the next articles ElectrodealPro will guide you in how to use it in detail. more than this design software so you can fully grasp the features and even you are not an expert can use it.
In addition to the above problems, if you still have any questions about the design software or Home Plan Pro software itself, leave a message here, ElectrodealPro will answer your questions in the shortest time.


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