How to download Chinese Xingtu photo editing app

How to download Chinese Xingtu photo editing app

App Xingtu China is one of the photo editing apps that brings many useful features to meet the needs of everyone. If you are looking to download the Chinese Xingtu app to support photo editing but do not know how to download it, please follow the instructions of ElectrodealPro.

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You cannot find the Chinese Xingtu app on the phone app store (Play Store with Android, App Store with iOS), but you can easily download the Xingtu Chinese photo app to your phone by performing the following steps.

How to download the English editorial Chinese xingtu app

Link and how to download xingtu app on Android, iOS

1. How to download Xingtu
2. Instructions for use Xingtu

1. Instructions on how to download App Xingtu for Android, iOS

Step 1: Friend turn on unknown power on the phone.
Note: Applications not found on Play Store, App Store are considered sources of unknown source. You need to turn on unknown power to download apps and App Xingtu does the same.

Watch now: How to turn on unknown power to install APK files

Step 2: Click on Xingtu app download link for iOS / Android down here

Required operating system: Android 5.0 upwards and iOS 10.0 above

=> Link download Xingtu Viet Hoa for Android

=> Link download Xingtu to iPhone

Step 3: Click on first “Linh File 1” (Figure 1). Look at the bottom of the interface, you will see the message “Downloading 1 file. Detail“(Figure 2).

Download the photo editor app

Step 4: After a few seconds, Xingtu will be downloaded, you look at the bottom of the interface, click on “Open“(Figure 3). Next, you click on”Setting“(Figure 4).

how to install Chinese xingtu app

Step 5: Download interface as shown in Figure 5. After downloading the app Xingtu will have the interface as shown in Figure 6.

cach at xingtu app

2. Instructions to use the app Xingtu on the phone

As soon as you download the Xingtu app for iPhone, Android, you can always use the app to edit photos.

Step 1: Open the Xingtu app, click on “Allow“when Xingtu asked”Gives Xingtu access to your device’s photos, media, and files? “(Figure 7). Then you look at the bottom of the interface, you click on”Add photos“(Figure 8).

how to install xingtu app

Step 2: At this time, Xingtu will access Photo library of you, you choose the photo that you want to edit (Figure 9). Next, Xingtu will display the photo editing features in the lower right of the interface (Figure 10):
* Portrait includes smaller features.
– Face remodeling.
– Reduce facial fat.
– Make up.
– Automatic face painting.
– Beauty by hand.
– Makeup pen.
* Template: Create a template frame for the photo.
* Filter: Color the image with the available patterns.
* Adjusted Including features such as:
– Smart optimization.
Sensitivity to light.
– Local adjustments.
– …
* Stickers: Create stickers for your images.
* Effect: Create effects for photos.

Edit him with xingtu app

For example, click on “Portrait“then choose”Face“Then select”Facet“.
– Next, you click on round sign to move it (Figure 11).
– You are satisfied, then you click on check mark in the lower right corner To save, if you do not see like, you click on x in the lower left corner (Figure 12).

cach at Chinese xingtu app

Step 3: After editing the photo, click on the download button in the upper right corner to download, otherwise you can delete it by clicking x (Figure 13). Successful saving of images will appear as shown in Figure 14.

how to download app xingtu trung quoc

How to download Xingtu app for iOS, Android on this helps you to quickly download the Xingtu app, install it for free as well as use the “divine” photo editing functions to create photos like your preferences. Don’t miss this Xingtu app when you regularly edit photos.

In addition to Xingtu, Huangyou app is also one of the mobile photo editing apps with many outstanding features. To use this photo editing app, download the Huangyou photo editing app on Android and iOS phones.

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