How to download and play for free game Kingdom Classic

How to download and play for free game Kingdom Classic

Kingdom Classic is a simple-to-play 2D strategy game that is currently being increased for free by Steam, specifically starting today until 11/6/2020, gamers can download and play for free. Kingdom Classic without spending any money.

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In Kingdom Classic, players play the role of a male or female character to conquer their country, collect gold coins to build the empire, recruit loyal servants, lead the empire’s subjects to grow stronger. Get started on downloading and installing Kingdom Classic for free right away.

country classic game and play game kingdom classic

Kingdom Classic – Strategy game with pixel graphics on the computer

How to download and install Kingdom Classic for free

Step 1: First you have to Sign up for a Steam account (free) and confirm your registration by Email here. If you already have an account, go to the next step.

Reference: Register a Steam account on your computer

Step 2: Next Download and install Steam on your computer follow the link below.

Reference: Instructions to install Steam gaming on PC

=> Link download Steam for PC

Step 3: Use your account to log in Steam, import Kingdom Classic go to search and select game in the list that appears.

game kingdom classic 2

Step 4: Immediately you will be taken to the game interface Kingdom Classic on Steam. Scroll down to select the button Add Account green Blue.

game kingdom classic 3

Step 5: Here you just get free game Kingdom Classic or add them to your game collection, to download and install you just choose Click To Install Now! below.

game kingdom classic and play game kingdom classic 4

Step 6: In the table Install Kingdom Classic, choose where to store the installation file at Choose location for install => click next. Installation is relatively fast as the whole game is just around 300MB.

game kingdom classic 5

Step 7: After the installation is complete, you can play Kingdom Classic for free with the icon that appears on the screen Desktop or enter Thư viện => select Kingdom Classic => press the button Play.

game kingdom classic 6
Above are all steps to get free copyright game Kingdom Classic, how to download and play on the computer. Currently, Epic Games Store is also giving users the super horror Blair Witch, the game that made headlines in many markets when it was launched.

Reference: How to download and play for free Blair Witch game


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