How to download and play for free game F1 2018

How to download and play for free game F1 2018

It has been a long time since the publishing portal Humble Bundle offers such a quality game for free F1 2018The game has a beautiful graphics platform and impressive gameplay mechanics that take you to many tense racetracks. Quickly get free F1 2018 game of Feral Interactive and Codemasters.

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The publisher Humble Bundle gives free game copyright F1 2018 Within 24 hours, after today you cannot receive them. Currently F1 2018 game is on sale for quite a bit ($ 44.99) on other platforms, but right now you can get them with just a few simple clicks without spending any money.

game and free game f1 2018

F1 racing simulation game 2018 on the computer

Instructions to get free game F1 2018 on Humble Bundle

Step 1: First you visit the receive link Here => click the button AJOUTER AU PANIER.

Download and play free game f1 2018 2

Step 2: In the next panel click Lier un compte Steam.

Download and play free game f1 2018 3

Step 3: Sign in to the publishing portal account Humble Bundle => Click Connectez-vous.

Reference: How to create a Humble Bundle account

Download and play free game f1 2018 4

Step 4: If you require account confirmation, please access the Email using the Humble Bundle account registration, enter Code in the picture Mail sent to the box Letters in the box and click VÉRIFIER.

Download and play free game f1 2018 5

Step 6: Humble Bundle asks you to link their account to Steam, enter your Steam account in the same box as shown below and click. Se coonecter (Log in).

Reference: Register a Steam account on your computer

Download and play free game f1 2018 6

Step 7: After successful login, you will be returned to the main interface of F1 2018 game by the system => click AJOUTER AU PANIER Once again to get free F1 2018 game.

Download and play free game f1 2018 7

Step 8: Now that you have added F1 2018 to your cart, click Validation.

Download and play free game f1 2018 8

Step 9: Check the information before clicking Recovez-le gratultement, free receipt racing game F1 2018 44.99 USD with price 0 VND.

f1 2018 free download and play 9

How to download and play for free game F1 2018 on Steam

Step 1: Immediately after receiving free F1 2018 games on Humble Bundle, readers can play them immediately by Download and install the Steam manager software on your computer, follow the link below by Taimienphi.

Reference: Install Steam to play copyrighted game on PC

=> Link download Steam for PC

Step 2: Log in with the Steam account associated with the Humble Bundle account in the above step, select ADD A Game => Activate a Product on Steam… => next => I AGREE => enter Key game F1 2018 (sent to Mail) in the box Product Code => click next.

Download and play free game f1 2018 10

Step 3: Appearing the installation panel, you install the F1 2018 racing game for free as usual and then enjoy the game when finished.

Download and play free game f1 2018 11
So Taimienphi has just guided you to receive, download and install F1 2018 game for free on PC. Don’t forget to check it out configuring F1 2018 game on the computer Before installing to upgrade or set up graphics for the best experience. Wish you happy gaming.


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