How to detect and prevent virus Vietnam Rose - Vietnam Rose

How to detect and prevent virus Vietnam Rose – Vietnam Rose

Virus Vietnam Rose – Vietnam Rose is one of the few new viruses discovered in recent times. However, this virus has been effectively blocked and removed by the leading anti-virus software like Avira or Avast …

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Virus Vietnam Rose – Vietnam Rose does not appear on your computer naturally. In fact it is installed by your own hands, but under the guise of a harmless video viewing plugin. A lot of people when visiting “adult” websites are tricked into installing this plugin. Once installed on your computer, the virus will take control of your Facebook account and automatically post pornography on the wall.

Although nowadays Facebook has extremely powerful filters to help users stay away from malicious code and viruses. However, it seems that Vietnam Rose – Vietnam Rose can easily bypass this defense. So if you have accidentally installed rose virus Vietnam and are suffering with it, please refer to the prevention below for more details.

Vietnamese rose virus painting and painting

How to prevent virus Vietnam Rose – Vietnam Rose

According to security experts from BKAV, you should be careful and not arbitrarily click on strange links on Facebook, nor do login requests coming from those links.

In cases where you must log in, you should observe if it is a real Facebook link or not. For example, links like or are sure to be fraudulent links to take over your account. In addition, with invitations to watch porn videos, you absolutely do not follow the instructions that are to install an auxiliary plugin. Because mainly to watch videos, you just need to install Flash Player.

Besides, you should install and use some professional anti-virus software used by many people, to prevent websites containing malicious links and virus links in time. Some software can be referenced as:

Bkav Pro: is an intelligent anti-virus software using cloud computing technology combined with intelligent anti-virus technology and technology to protect Internet access. Bkav Supports many outstanding features: using cloud computing technology, safe virus scan execution, USB protection, web access protection, metamorphic virus removal

Avast Free Antivirus: The program offers many features to prevent the invasion of viruses and spyware and malicious software to help protect your computer better, improve the computer’s working efficiency. Use Avast, your computer will be protected 24 / 24h

Avira Free AntiVirus: The software helps the computer to avoid threats from viruses spreading from the Internet, from USB, by accidentally opening a data file, and installing a virus. Advantages of Avira is to provide users with many protection modes for the system, for web browsers, and mobile devices.

Kaspersky Internet Security: There is not much to argue, Kaspersky Internet Security is one of the famous anti-virus products with the ability to detect viruses and malware in time to warn users of online dangers.

AVG Antivirus Free: Can not fail to mention AVG, The program provides powerful data scanning, virus identification and how the program is hidden or has virus-like characteristics, comprehensive analysis to ensure the highest level of safety for computer systems.
The above are ways for users to detect and prevent viruses Vietnam Rose – Vietnam Rose. Accordingly, the virus above is as dangerous as Gadis Mabuk XXX or Drunk Girls XXX that have stormed Facebook in the past, so you should be more careful when using Facebook and surfing the web.


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