How to cut videos with VLC Media Player software

How to cut videos with VLC Media Player software

This article will show you how to cut videos with VLC Media Player software. You can cut your own videos right on the VLC Media Player software itself with just a few simple steps without installing additional supporting software.

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VLC Media Player and KMPlayer are the 2 leading music and movie playback programs on computers today. With support for multiple formats, VLC and KMP allows users to play any music or video format they want without having to search and download cumbersome and troublesome supporting software. VLC also has a light capacity, simple interface., does not require high configuration. Not only has the ability to play music, VLC also supports users to cut their favorite videos right on the software without the need for support tools. Taimienphi will guide you to cut videos with VLC Media Player

Instructions to cut videos with VLC.

Step 1: Download and install VLC Media Player

Step 2: Click select tab View, choose Advance Control to open the video cutter toolbar

Step 3: Click select tab Media, choose Open File or press the key combination Ctrl+O

Step 4: Select the video file to cut

Step 5: Press Play To start playing the video, move the cursor to the position to cut

Step 6: Press the red button to start the point to be cut, press the red button again at the end of the point to be cut.

Step 7: Access the Video folder C:UsersUsernameVideos to get back the cut video.

(Username is the username on your computer)
Thus, after only a few very simple steps, you can cut the video you want with VLC Media Player. Currently, cutting videos is quite simple, you can also use some online video cutting tools to save resources on your computer when you don’t need to use complex effects for your videos.


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