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How to cut PDF files using Foxit Reader


How to cut PDF files using Foxit Reader is widely used, highly appreciated for its useful features, efficient and easy cutting of files. The advantages of Foxit Reader are free, friendly interface, file reader, split PDF file.

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Are you an office worker? Or simply someone who often has to work with PDF files? So surely Foxit Reader will be an indispensable software in your personal computer. Foxit Reader is a software that allows reading PDF files in multiple languages, featuring its small size, easy-to-use and completely free of charge.

Huong dan cat pdf file by foxit reader

Instructions for cutting PDF files using Foxit Reader

How to cut PDF files with Foxit Reader is one of the best ways to cut PDF files because it is a free software and Foxit Reader features are very simple, easy to use so you should take advantage of what. which this PDF reader provides to process PDF files. In addition, Foxit Reader also supports professional functions of reading text by voice. And if you are interested in this feature, the article sharing how to enable voice text reading feature on Foxit Reader will help you experience and apply it to your daily work.

How to cut PDF files using Foxit Reader

Download Foxit Reader the latest version under the following link:

=> Link to download Foxit Reader for Computer

Step 1: Turn on Foxit Reader, select Open and navigate to the PDF file to cut on your computer. The PDF file of ElectrodealPro illustration has a length of 33 pages.

cat file pdf file foxit reade mem

Step 2: Press Ctrl + P, then a pop-up panel will appear. You adjust the parameters as follows:

Under Name: Select the line “Foxit Reader PDF Printer”

Check the Page: Here if you want to cut from page 1 to page 9, please fill in 1-9. And if you want to cut out some non-contiguous pages, fill in 1.9. That means cutting out page number 1 and page 9 only. Or fill it in 1-4, 8, which means we will go from page 1 to page 4 and add page number 8.

Finally press OK to cut

crop pdf file by foxit reade mem

Step 3: Select the folder you want to save:

cat file pdf file foxit reade mem

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Step 4: Wait for the file cutting to take place:

cat pdf file

Finally, you have finished cutting PDF as desired.

cat tap pdf file by foxit reade mem

Thus, with only 4 quick steps, you can cut PDF files quickly right on Foxit Reader. Therefore, readers please update the latest version of Foxit Reader to be able to use all the latest features. In addition, a tool to assist users to read previous PDF files, surely many people will know it as Adobe PDF Reader. Although it does not support cutting PDF files like Foxit Reader, this tool offers many useful features that not everyone knows. Such as features Comments in Adobe Reader which we have introduced earlier is quite useful when used to share PDF files in group form, you cannot directly edit but can comment back for the author to read and change.
Before installing Foxit Reader or any other software, pay attention to install anti-virus software to protect your computer safety. Having a virus will greatly affect your data as well as your system.



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