How to customize the PS4 controller buttons

How to customize the PS4 controller buttons

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It can often be useful customize commands of your control Dualshock 4 for PS4, changing the default button function. Each player has their own habits and follows particular strategies. Therefore, what is comfortable for some, for others it can be terrible. Fortunately, the Sony control offers a simple way to customize it. In this article, we show you how to do this.

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Customizing Control Commands

To do the customization and let the control work the way you want, start logging in on your PS4 account. Then, go to settings and click Accessibility > Button assignments.

Then enable the option Enable custom button assignments and, with that, the option below will appear Customize button assignments. Click on it and now you can adjust the functions of each of the buttons on the control as you prefer.

To make the changes, you must position yourself on the button you want to change and press X. Finally, select the command you want from the list of options that appears.

Available buttons

The buttons that can be customized X, Square, Triangle, Ball, Up, Down, Left, Right, L, R, L1, L2, L3, R1, R2 and R3.


It is very important to take into account that games they do not know that you have customized your control. So, when it comes to showing indications on the screen, it is possible that it will ask you to press the standard buttons for each function. With that, it will be up to you the exchanges that were made to press the right buttons.

You can also disable customization for certain games. Otherwise, the new setting will affect all the games you have. If you share the console with others, the changes you make will only impact in your user account, without prejudice to the other players.

Finally, it is also worth remembering that many games have their own button customization functions. When this is possible, give preference to using the game’s native functionality, as the changes made will certainly have no impact on the use of the controller in other games.

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