How to customize the look of Firefox

How to customize the look of Firefox

Customizing Firefox interface helps users to experience new interfaces to avoid having to use it forever with the boring default Firefox interface, follow the instructions of ElectrodealPro to refine, customize the interface on the browser. browse Firefox.

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Change, adjust, or customize the Firefox interface will change the look of Firefox. One theme can be as simple as changing the background color of the toolbar or the buttons in use, but there are some themes that make Firefox look like a completely different application.

firefox interface tools

Change the look of the Firefox browser

Guide to customize Firefox interface

– Download Firefox in Vietnamese here.
– See how install Firefox here.

In this article, ElectrodealPro will guide you in a number of ways to customize and change the interface of Firefox.

1. Arrange the Toolbar menu

To enter the custom interface, mouse over the bar Toolbar (top) -> right click select Customization.

firefox 2 interface browser

In the customizable interface, you can customize the appearance of function buttons and controls in Firefox, simply drag and drop.

Which function icons do you want to appear on the menu Toolbar -> Please drag up, if you want to delete, perform drag down.

Firefox interface 3

This way, you can customize the address bar to grow longer -> will display more information. Drag all the unnecessary function buttons downwards.

firefox interface browser 4

2. Change the Firefox theme

Still in the menu Customize FirefoxYou choose to enter the item Display.

Firefox interface 5

Firefox offers a number of default themes, you can choose from among these 6 themes or get started Load more skins from online store. Then you select the interface you want to place and press Accomplished to complete.

firefox 6 interface browser

3. Customizable display size

You select the item DensityHere, Firefox allows us to choose from 3 levels of menu display, button display size.

firefox 7 interface browser

– Compact: Smallest size, extra display space for websites.

– Normal: Default level.

– Touch: The menu size, function buttons will be larger, convenient for operation.

You choose the size that feels most suitable and press Accomplished.

4. Other customizations

At default settings, Firefox Some toolbars will be hidden, so if you’re on the latest version you need to re-enable them manually.

In the window Customize Firefox, you want to display any toolbar, please tick it (menu bar title bar, bookmark bar).

Firefox interface for Firefox 8

In addition, in this version the button Download will only appear when you download any file. To display, click on the icon Download –> Uncheck the box Automatically hide.

Firefox interface for Firefox 9

Knot Download will always appear in the right corner

firefox 10 interface browser

The above article of ElectrodealPro just helped you some ways customize the Firefox interface or use today to help users browse this web most convenient.
In addition, if you are using a computer with Windows 10 installed, you should also try customize the application transfer interface on Windows 10 See how effective this job is. Here’s how to make the App Switch app switch in Windows 10 cleaner and more beautiful. Good luck!


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