How to create reminders on

How to create reminders on now has a new elegant interface. The visuals borrow heavily from the iOS 13 design, with smaller icons and richer colors. The blue background has been replaced by a transparent white background.

Apple has also removed the Launchpad option to return to the Home screen, so you now need to click the back arrow to do so. Additional options such as storage, family sharing, data recovery and your My Devices list are now hidden behind the Account Settings option.

Unfortunately, Apple has not yet introduced Find My to (it replaced Find My Friends and Find My Phone in iOS 13). is now accessible from iOS and iPadOS devices, and there is new support for reminders, which syncs with iCloud via iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina. Here we look at how to create reminders on and how to access your account information.

(Image credit: Image source: Apple)

1. Open recalls

Log in to and click the Reminders icon. From there you can manage all your iCloud reminders, and all changes / additions will show up on all your devices running iOS 13, iPadOS or macOS Catalina.

(Image credit: Image source: Apple)

2. Create and share

With support for iCloud synchronization, reminders also have the ability to create shared lists. You can share lists with family or colleagues, who can then add / edit tasks and mark them as completed.

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