How to create beautiful professional slides for free with DesignBold

How to create beautiful professional slides for free with DesignBold

A beautiful and scientific slide not only guarantees the satisfaction of the presentation, but also increases the persuasion of the mentioned content, showing the professionalism of the speaker. DesignBold is a powerful assistant to help you do this.

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Presentation slides are always a headache problem for all objects: students, students to office workers or freelancers. Students need to give presentations on the topic of study, employees need to present to their boss, boss needs to present to conquer partners, and freelancers need slides to make portfolios. A beautiful and scientific slide show not only satisfies the visual for the presentation but also increases the persuasion of the content mentioned. Beautiful slide design helps show the focus and professional manner of the speaker.

However, creating great slides on Microsoft Power Point is not easy, and truly beautiful slide templates are not free. The .ppt file is also not easy to edit online, but has to be sent and downloaded, very time consuming. Today, I will introduce you to DesignBold, a slide design application that has many beautiful templates and can create charts and edit online anytime.

Follow these steps for a great presentation:

1. Go to DesignBold, sign up for an account or log in with Google / Facebook / Twitter

2. Choose a slide design template (choose normal screen size slide or 16: 9 size)

3. Select a suitable presentation slide template

Sample on DesignBold is quite Diversity Many styles, templates have from 5 to 30 pages. You can click on each template to order See preview image in each sample.
Choose the right one then fill out presentation information only! (should only design according to the available sets for synchronization)
Every time you add a new page press the button Copy or plus button, later drag the slide template next I want to use
4. Use the charting tool if needed
The system supports many types of charts: vertical columns, horizontal columns, lines, points, venous charts, pie charts …

5. Download files or present at DesignBold
DesignBold supports downloading images or PDF files. If you want to present live, press the full screen button in the bottom right corner.

Hopefully, with this tool, you will have more beautiful, more professional and impressive presentations.


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