How to create animated images, make GIFs with GIF Movie Gear easy and fastest

How to create animated images, make GIFs with GIF Movie Gear easy and fastest

If you need a specialized software to create animated Gifs, Gif Movie Gear is a good choice for you. With a simple but effective usage, Gif Movie Gear will certainly help you create awesome Gif animations.

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GIF Movie Gear helps to create unique and attractive animations only from you, have you tried the experience of creating animations on this software? The following article of ElectrodealPro will help you make GIF animations with GIF Movie Gear, follow along to know how to do this.

GIF Movie Gear

Instructions for creating animations by GIF Movie Gear

Step 1: Download and install animation software.

– You can download the latest version of GIF Movie Gear here.

– Installation: Pretty simple, you just need to follow the instructions.

Step 2: Launch the software and select Insert Frames to select the picture to insert.

Step 3: After selecting, drag and drop photos to arrange the order of photos.

Besides the tools commonly found in any animation software such as: Crop, Resize, Rotate, Timing … Gif Movie Gear also owns the tools to create its own brand, which is a set of tools to reduce the size of the output image:

– Reduce Colors: Reduce color

– Optimize: Optimize images

– Thin (Reduce Frame Count): Reduce the number of frames.

But as we all know, animations are caused by many stacking stills, so the size of the animation is quite large compared to the still image, but with the Gif Movie Gear toolkit this is no longer a problem problem worth thinking about. You can go to the card Animation to choose the right tool.

Step 4: Adjust motion speed. Please come in Animation / Timing to set parameters.

A dialog box appears:

– All frame delays: Select the transition time between pictures. Click the blue arrow mark to proceed.

Step 5: Finally, you just have to choose Save as to save the newly created photo. And this is the result.

With only the above detailed instructions, everyone can create their own unique animations using GIF Movie Gear software. Using this animation software, the created animations are also reduced in size for convenient sharing.

Simple, lightweight but effective – that’s what Gif Movie Gear software offers for animators. Although it does not support many effects, but in return, Gif Movie Gear provides you with most of the tools needed to create animations, making creating an animated picture simpler and easier than ever. . Besides, you can refer to and use other animation software available on ElectrodealPro, which are used a lot like Beneton Movie GIF or Easy GIF Animator, in which the application for making gif images Beneton Movie GIF are instructed by schools to teach students
Animation of happy birthday by the above method is also very effective, if you are looking for a happy birthday animation for yourself, GIF Movie Gear will be a great choice for you.


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