How to create and edit photo video with ProShow Producer (Insert Sub)

The best video editing software today is Adobe Premiere which is widely used worldwide. With Adobe Premiere, you can edit videos from beginner to professional. However, to create and edit regular videos there is no such heavy load, just ProShow Producer is enough. Working with ProShow Producer is also much simpler than Premiere. You can refer to how to create video photo slide with this software below.


How to create and edit photo videos with ProShow Producer

Step 1: Launch the software


Initial working screen of ProShow Producer software

Step 2: Select a photo folder in the Folder List> Select a photo to video in the File List section.


Select the photo that appears in the video

Step 3: If you want to delete the selected photo, right-click the photo> Select Remove> Select Delete Selected Slide (s).


How to delete selected pictures

Step 4: Select the Soundtrack in the lower left corner or select the icon of the Speaker (Music) to open the music selection dialog.


2 ways to open the folder to add music to the video

Step 5: A dialog box appears, click Add> Select Add Sound File.


How to open the music folder in the device to add music to video

Step 6: Select available music tracks in your device for video background music> Select Open.

Note: The name of the folder containing the track and the title of the track must be written WITHOUT SEAL to be added to the video. If you leave an accent there will be an error, not adding the song.

Example: This PC / Download / Music / UI – Eight is valid

But with This PC / Music / Music / IU – Eight is not valid.


The folder name containing the music file and the song title must be WITHOUT SEAL

Step 7: Select PUBLISH to switch to adjusting video output.


Open the video editor

Step 8: Select Custom Video File in the right column> Custom Video File dialog box appears.


Select Custom Video File

Step 9: Adjust the video options in the Custom Video File dialog box. Options affect the quality of the video and the software that can be played by the video.


Select a video type


Select a video player

Step 10: After the options are complete> Select Create> A dialog box appears> Enter a name and choose where to save the video> Select Save> Wait for the program to run out> Select OK> Done.


Select Create


Enter the name and folder containing the video after exporting


Wait for the run to finish


Select OK


The created photo and music videos appear in the selected folder

How to customize the effect of running photos in video with ProShow Producer

When you make a video like the steps mentioned above, the software will automatically setup the effect, automatic transition time (3 seconds). If you don’t want to leave the default, the video looks nicer, you can do the following:

1. Adjust photo effects

Double-click the small screen between 2 images in Slide List> Select the effects in the menu (illustrate the effect on the small screen in the upper left corner of the menu)> Apply.

To adjust the animation runtime, double-click the numbers under the small screen between the two images in the Slide List.


Steps to adjust photo effects

2. Add text / insert sub to video

You double-click the image to insert sub> In the left Caption select Add> Add sub to the Caption Text box> Adjust the position of text in the image.


Steps to add sub to video with ProShow Producer

If you want to adjust the current time of your sub, do the following:

Go to Effect> Adjust the timing accordingly. Switch to cells 1 and 2 (as shown below) to adjust the time. The current time in this timeline bar includes the image rendering time and the visual effect run time.


Adjust the current time sub


2 kinds of time to consider

To insert text effects, you do the following:

Select the small square icon with black T (located in the time slider)> Select the effect (preview right next to it)> Apply.


Steps to insert text effects


Adjust the text effect runtime


Above are the easiest steps to help you create and edit a photo and music video with ProShow Producer. You can add photo effects, add subtitles to the video with it without the need for professional sub insertion software. However, if you are an editor, you should choose Adobe Premiere will serve the job better.

Hope the article will help you know more about how to use ProShow Producer and if you have any other questions or suggestions related to the article, don’t forget to leave your comment in the comments below.



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